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Junior Year: Preparing for the College Application Process.

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2 Junior Year: Preparing for the College Application Process

3 Key Tasks for Juniors Maryland College Night, 10/5, 7:00 p.m. Take a MOCK SAT or ACT –Mock SAT, September 25 –Mock ACT, October 2 –Mock ACT vs. SAT, November 6 –Cost $15, sign up two weeks in advance in Counseling Office PSAT, October 14. Sign up: main office, $13 Gather information about colleges. Do college search on Naviance. Naviance registration code received in December. Financial Aid Night, December 1, 7:00 p.m. Take SAT and/or ACT after you receive practice scores. Get involved in school or community activities. Work hard on academic subjects. Create an activity sheet for grades 9, 10 and 11; add 12 th later.

4 ACT vs. SAT ACT Measures academic achievement in English, math, reading, and science Highest score – 36, subtest scores provided as well as composite score Student chooses scores from a specific test date to be sent to colleges 4 sections English, Math Reading Science reasoning Optional writing section (required by most colleges No penalty for guessing SAT Measures critical reading, writing, and mathematical reasoning skills Highest score – 2400 (Most colleges are still operating on the 1600 scale.) Student chooses scores from a specific test date to be sent to schools. 10 sections Critical reading (3) Writing (3) Math (3) Experimental section (1) Scores adjusted for guessing

5 ACT & SAT Colleges will accept either or both Spring is the ideal time to take the tests Register on line Students generally take the SAT or ACT twice SAT subject tests are required by FEW colleges.

6 SAT/ACT TEST PREP Free test prep through MCPS Churchill class Group classes Private instruction MOCK tests Independent preparation

7 BASIC FACTOR TO CONSIDER Type of college –Four-year vs. two-year –Public vs. private Setting –Urban –Suburban –Rural Size –Large vs. small COST

8 RESOURCES FOR MAKING A SELECTION Counseling Department Web Tools College visits Local Visits

9 THE COUNSELING DEPARTMENT WILL: Explain the process to students in early December and as necessary thereafter Assist in identifying appropriate colleges Suggest ways to minimize stress Reassure students and keep them on track

10 WEB TOOLS Individual college web sites Google/Google earth Naviance –Web based, password protected program –Churchill specific data –Access given to students in December, after they have results of the PSAT and first quarter grades.

11 U MD College Park

12 When using electronic media -Establish a professional email address -Avoid bullying, inappropriate language and photos when social networking ^Electronic media never goes away ^Admissions officers and employers can be influenced by information found on social network sites STUDENT IMAGE

13 Attend an information session Go on a campus tour Ask questions Sleep over Attend class Sample the food Read the school newspaper Chat with students Take and keep notes about the visit VISIT COLLEGES WHEN STUDENTS ARE ON CAMPUS

14 CHURCHILL POLICY FOR COLLEGE VISITS Seniors and second semester juniors are allowed 5 days for college visits. A note from a parent or guardian must be submitted to the attendance office at least 48 hours prior to the visit. The note is to be signed by each teacher and your administrator. Students are responsible for making up missed work.

15 INTERVIEWS Few colleges give interviews If given they are generally informative rather than evaluative. Generally given by alumni If given an interview –Ask questions –Tell your story –Follow up with a thank you

16 College Rep Visits in the Career Center College reps from almost 200 colleges and universities visit Churchill each year between mid-September and November. A schedule of visits can be found on the Churchill web site under Career Center. Sign up at least one day in advance of the visit. Pick up a pass since most visits occur during class periods. Report to class, the teacher will decide if you can be excused. No passes are required for lunch time visits; however, students should sign up.

17 OTHER OPPORTUNITIES Maryland College Night –Tuesday, October 5, 2010, 7:00 p.m. –Begins in the Churchill auditorium –Representatives from public and private institutions of higher education in the State of Maryland Confirmed participants: UMDCP, UMBC, Frostburg, Salisbury, St. Mary’s, Towson, Montgomery College, Capital, Hood, Stevenson College information sessions in the community –Evening or weekend events –Held at hotels, schools, or meeting places –Get on the college’s mailing list to be invited

18 Things To Do in the Spring Register for and take the SAT I, ACT and/or SAT II. Distribute the pink teachers’ comments forms. Request two teachers to write recommendations Begin working on the “College Packet” (due June 30). Attend the College Fair in April. Complete Student Service Learning hours by the end of the school year.

19 Look Forward to Senior Year with Confidence, Knowing that Your Student is Ready to Hit the Mark!

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