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College Admissions Testing Dublin City Schools Parent Program September 13, 2012.

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1 College Admissions Testing Dublin City Schools Parent Program September 13, 2012

2 Agenda Why test? A closer look at each test How to register for these tests How all this pertains to college readiness Wrap up –questions and answers

3 Why Test? o Guide the academic preparation while in high school (course selection) o Level the playing field – an “A” varies from class to class, school to school, district to district o Assessing critical thinking vs. knowledge

4 Why Test? College recruitment Scholarship opportunities College readiness (benchmark score vs. composite scores)

5 “The Big Picture” Dublin City Schools is committed to providing practice & tools needed to be successful on high-stakes tests. 8 th grade – Explore Test 10 th grade – PLAN Test 11 th grade – ACT Practice 11 th grade – ACT Test ACT Sequence SAT Sequence

6 PSAT/NMSQT Practice for the SAT test Critical Reading, Math & Writing Skills Scored on a 20-80 scale Assessment of strengths and weaknesses Top scores from Junior year only can qualify for the National Merit Scholarship (9 th and 10 th practice) Scores are also used for National Achievement & National Hispanic Recognition programs

7 SAT Reasoning Test o Sections Math Critical Reading (Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension) Writing (Grammar & Required Essay) o Scoring 200-800 per section Perfect score is now 2400

8 SAT Subject Tests Measures knowledge in a specific subject area Required by top tier schools Consult application & school requirements Register and sit for these exams at the completion of the highest level of coursework

9 AP Exams Created by the College Board College level curriculum Administered on national dates in May Scored on a scale of 1 to 5. No penalty for incorrect answers Students earning a 3 or higher may earn college credit at the university level

10 PLAN Test Practice test for ACT Administered to ALL sophomore students Career Assessment Inventory Measures achievement in four areas: English Math Reading Science Reasoning

11 ACT Sections English Math Reading Science Reasoning Optional Essay Recommended all students take at least once. Scoring 1-36 Average of four required sections Score is good predictor of college readiness

12 ACT College Readiness Benchmarks 50% Likelihood of obtaining a B or higher College CourseACT Test Score English Composition18 ACT English Test Algebra22 ACT Math Test Social Science21 ACT Reading Test Biology24 ACT Science Test

13 September 26, 2012 8 th grade EXPLORE 10 th grade PLAN 11 th grade ACT Practice Test (seniors welcome too)

14 What’s a Good Score? SAT - National average is 1500 ACT - National average is 21 OSU – Around 1250 for SAT (CR/M) & 28 for ACT CSCC – does not require scores, but students are encouraged to take the test regardless See scores required for merit scholarships

15 Super Scoring Super Scoring involves taking the highest section scores from multiple SAT Test sittings and creating a composite. Although the College Board itself does not take on this practice, it has become commonplace in the college admissions process.

16 Dublin City Schools: SAT/ACT Based on 2011 Graduation Year: AVERAGE SAT SCORES: Critical Reading: 559 out of 800 Mathematics: 589 out of 800 Writing: 546 out of 800 AVERAGE ACT SCORES: English: 24.8 out of 36 Mathematics: 24.7 out of 36 Reading: 24.8 out of 36 Science: 24.7 out of 36 Composite: 24.9 out of 36 Source: J. Meade “ Dublin City Schools 5 Year Trends SAT/ACT”

17 o Guessing Penalty o Easy to Hard o Vocab is emphasized o Essay required SATACT Differences Between Tests

18 Which Test is Best for my Child? Utilize pre-administered tests PLAN, PSAT, Practice ACT What is the purpose? College Readiness College Admission

19 When to take the ACT/SAT: Recommend for Juniors to sign up NOW for test in the late winter and spring Ideally seniors should enter fall with at least one test score Most colleges will not accept scores sent after December test date of senior year

20 Test Dates in Dublin ACT October 27, 2012 (DCHS) December 8, 2012 (DJHS) April 13, 2013 (DSHS) SAT

21 How to Register On line (must use a credit card) Fee Waiver available for students who qualify (see your counselor) Set aside 1 hour to complete Utilize PSAT and PLAN to set up an account early. Pre-populates application and reduces amount of time needed to complete from. October 2012 and or a later test date - photo identification required

22 While Registering… ACT Register for Writing Test Select colleges to report scores SAT

23 Sending Scores o Dublin City Schools does NOT report test scores nor are scores included on a student’s transcript o You have the option of having scores sent when you register

24 Free Preparation: Read, write & problem solve as much as possible Course Selection/Rigor (ACT/SAT Test Prep Class) Test Prep Courses offered by district Build vocabulary Naviance Take practice tests

25 Questions for Colleges: “When is the last day I can submit test scores to be considered for admission?” “When is the last day I can submit test scores for scholarship consideration?” “Do you ‘Super-Score’?” For scholarships and/or admissions?

26 Admittance is More than Test Scores Co lleges look at GPA, Course Selection/Rigor and Test Scores as top three criteria Top tier schools frequently turn away students who earn perfect SAT and/or ACT scores Leadership, community service, student essays and extracurricular activities are all evaluated

27 Upcoming Parent Meetings October 2, 2012 – “College Fair for Students with Learning Disabilities” October 4, 2012 – “Scholarships / Financial Aid” November 7, 2012 – “ Information for College Bound Students with IEPs” January 9, 2012 – “FAFSA Workshop” January 15, 2013 – “AP / IB Meeting”

28 Thank You! Please complete the feedback survey and return it to the table outside the theatre.

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