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OBJECTIVES Summarize the life of Jesus.

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1 OBJECTIVES Summarize the life of Jesus. Trace the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire. Analyze Christianity’s appeal.

2 The Life and Teaching of Jesus
Romans take control of ______ in 63 B.C. Judea becomes part of the Roman Empire in 6 A.D. A _________ will come to restore the land of the ________.

3 Jesus of Nazareth Born ________________. Born ___________________.
Raised in ________________. Baptized by _______________. Occupation: Carpenter Began preaching at the age of 30 Stressed love, (God, neighbors, enemies) Eternal kingdom for those who repent

4 A GROWING MOVEMENT Main source about his life came from Gospels
First _ books of the New Testament Some are written by Jesus’ _________ 12 men later called ___________ Became popular __________________________________; appealed to the poor

5 Jesus’ Death Rulers where concerned, both Jewish and Roman leaders
In ____________, people greeted him as a savior and messiah, or king. Jewish priests disagreed _____________________, Roman leader, accused Jesus of breaking Roman law Sentenced to _______________ Nailed to a wooden cross

6 Jesus’ Death cont… Jesus died on the cross
Body was gone three days later Because he was believed to be the messiah or “savior”, he was called Jesus Christ

7 Christianity Spreads Through the Empire
Disciples carried on _____________. Did not contract Jewish law First followers were _________. New religion began ___________________ spread throughout the empire.

8 What did Jesus Teach? Forgiveness _______________ Turn the other cheek
Do you know anymore of the teachings of Jesus? Name them…..

9 Paul’s Mission Paul Never met Jesus Enemy of Christianity
Had a vision of Jesus Spent the rest of his life spreading Jesus’ message

10 Paul’s Mission Cont. Christianity spread
____________ made the spread ideas easy Common language - Latin Paul wrote letters, _______________ Stressed that Jesus was the _________ who died for people’s sins Christianity welcomes converts Jew of Gentile

11 Jewish Rebellion Jewish rebellion in ___ A.D. against Rome
Temple destroyed by Romans in ____ A.D. Only western portion remains Jewish fortress, Masada, held until A.D. 73, half million dead Tried again in A.D. 132, half million died Diaspora - __________ _________________

12 Persecution of Christians
Crucified, exiled, imprisoned, executed Sent to the gladiator games Looked at as martyrs Willing to sacrifice their lives for their belief Used as

13 A World Religion Christianity was growing rapidly throughout the Roman Empire and beyond Why? 1. 2. Gives hope to the powerless 3. Appealed to those who were repelled by the extravagances of imperial Rome 4. Offered personal relationship with a loving God 5.

14 Constantine Accepts Christianity
Fighting 3 rivals of the Rome Battle was at the Tiber River Prayed for divine help Saw the image of a cross Put the cross on the shields of his soldiers

15 Constantine Accepts Christianity cont.
Constantine made Christianity an accepted religion of the empire Emperor Theodosius made it the official religion of the empire.

16 Early Christian Church
Priest led small groups of Christians Bishop supervises local churches Peter Became first Apostle “rock” on which the Christian Church will be built

17 A Single Voice Many disputed the beliefs that developed amongst believers Became intense Church officials tried to set the standards of belief Combine the Old Testament (Jewish Torah) + New Testament (Story of Jesus)= The Holy Bible Met and created the Nicene Creed- define the basic beliefs of all Christians “I believe in one God, the Father Almighty, maker of Heaven and Earth……

18 The Fathers of the Church
Early writers who also defined the teachings Augustine Bishop from N. Africa Humans need the grace of God Can not get God’s grace without being a member of the Church Wrote ______________________

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