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The Rise of Christianity

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1 The Rise of Christianity
Chapter 6 Section 4

2 Key Terms Jesus Apostle Paul Diaspora Constantine Bishop Peter Pope

3 The Life and Teachings of Jesus
Roman power came to Judea in 63 BC Judea at first was independent AD 6 made of province of Rome God promised to send a messiah to restore the kingdom

4 Jesus of Nazareth Between 4 and 6 BC Jesus was born
Born in Bethlehem Raised in Nazareth Baptized by John the Baptist Was a carpenter Age 30 began public ministry Christianity- teachings of Jesus of Nazareth

5 Jesus of Nazareth Taught for three years Performed miracles
Taught 10 Commandments Gods personal relationship with man God would end wickedness Establish kingdom after death for people who repent for their sins

6 A Growing Movement Teaching are from the Gospel
First 4 books of New Testament Little historical reference Written by his disciples Disciples small group of followers Apostles-12 men especially chosen by Jesus

7 A Growing Movement His fame grew Attracted large crowds
Ignore wealth message for the poor. “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the world”

8 Jesus’ Death Roman and Jewish leaders concerned
AD 29 Jesus visited Jerusalem Greeted as king and messiah Chief priests denied he was the messiah Teachings were blasphemy

9 Jesus’ Death Pontius Pilate accused Jesus of defying Rome
Pilate sentenced him to be crucified Body disappears from the tomb Jesus started to appear Ascended into heaven Became Jesus Christ (Greek for savior)

10 Christianity Spreads Through an Empire
Followers spread message of triumph over death New religion based on Jesus’ messages Spread throughout the empire

11 APOSTLE PAUL Influence on development of Christianity
Had a vision of Jesus Spread message for the rest of his life Pax Romana provided ideal conditions Travel Exchange of ideas

12 Apostle Paul Latin and Greek easily understood Paul wrote Epistles
Jesus was the son of God who died for people’s sins Christianity welcomed all converts Enabled it to become more than local religion Paul dispersed with some Jewish requirements to become Christian

13 Jewish Rebellion AD 66 Jews rebelled AD 70 Romans stormed Jerusalem
Destroyed the Temple Western wall all that is left Jews in Massada held out till AD 71

14 Jewish Rebellion AD 132 Half a million Jews die
Jewish political state ceased to exists for 1800 years Diaspora- Jews driven from their home

15 Persecution of Christians
Christians refused to worship Roman gods Rulers used Christians as scapegoats Roman imprisoned or executed Christians Thousands crucified, burned, killed by wild animal Marty-person willing to die for an idea

16 A World Religion Despite persecution become a powerful force
Why Christianity grew Embraced all people Gave hope to the powerless Appealed to those who repelled extravagances Promised eternal life

17 Constantine accepts Christianity
AD 312 fighting three rivals Milvian Bridge battle he prays and sees a cross Orders artisans to put the cross on their shield Constantine victorious Edict of Milan-approves Christianity

18 Early Christian Church
AD 380 Theodosius mad it the emperor’s official religion Priest led each small group Bishop-supervised several local churches Peter traveled to Rome and became the first bishop

19 Early christian church
Jesus referred to Peter as the rock Eucharist-memory of last supper (bread and wine) All priests and bishops trace authority to him Every major city has a bishop Peter was the first Pope Bishop of Rome was leader of the whole church

20 A Single Voice Disagreements developed
Hersey- anyone who did not believe Compiled New Testament Contained the 4 Gospels, the Epistles of Paul

21 A Single Voice New Testament added to Hebrew Bible
AD 325 Constantine solidifies teachings Calls leaders to Nicaea in Anatolia Nicene Creed- defined the beliefs of the church

22 The Fathers of the Church
Augustine Bishop of Hippo AD 346 Augustine taught people they needed grace of God to be saved Had to receive the sacraments

23 The Fathers of the Church
After Rome was sacked The city of God could not be destroyed As Christianity rose Rome declined Increasing foreign and domestic problems

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