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Rise Of Christianity Packet

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1 Rise Of Christianity Packet
Pages 88, 89, 91,& 92

2 Vocabulary Activity 10-1 Page 88
1. A story from everyday life used to express spiritual ideas. ___________ 2. Story, Belief, or custom handed down from generation to generation. ______________. 3. A deliverer sent by God. ___________. 4. To gather into a group. _____________. 5. A follower of Jesus. ___________. 6. To overcome the doubts of people; to persuade. _____________ Parable Tradition Messiah Assemble Disciple Convince

3 Vocabulary Activity 10-1 Page 88
7. The name for Judah as a Roman Province. ________________ 8. An Early Christian leader who helped spread Jesus’ message. ________________ 9. Rising from the dead. ________________ 10. Being saved from sin and allowed to enter heaven. ______________ 11. The home Jesus left when he began to peach.____________________ Judea Apostle Resurrection Salvation Nazareth

4 Vocabulary Activity 10-2 Page 89
___ 1. Pope was a special title given to the bishop of Rome. _________________ ___ 2. A doctrine is an organization with different levels of authority. ______________ ___ 3. Gospel means “good news.” ________ ___ 4. Leaders of the Church are called Laity. ________________ ___ 5. The Roman government began to persecute, or mistreat, Christians. __________________ F Hierarchy T F Clergy T

5 Vocabulary Activity 10-2 Page 89
___ 6. A clergy is an official church teaching. _______________ ___ 7. Regular church members are called Hierarchy. ___________ ___ 8. A martyr is a person who is willing to die for his or hers beliefs. ___________________ 9. The Intern _____________her new job as soon a she graduated from college. 10. Roman Sculptors _____________ beautiful Statues. F Doctrine F Laity T B. Started A. Created

6 Guided Reading Activity 10-1 Page 91
The Jews were conquered by the Romans, Emperor (1)______________. Turned Judah into a Roman (2)______________ called Judaea. A Jewish Revolt, led by a group called (3)__________ was brutally crushed, and the Jewish temple was destroyed. When another rebellion was put down in C.E. 132, the Romans banned the Jewish people from (4)_______________, their capital city. Augustus Province Zealots Jerusalem

7 Guided Reading Activity 10-1 Page 91
During Roman times, many Jews were looking for a (5)__________, or deliverer, who would help them win back their (6)___________. A Jew named (7)_______ left his home in Nazareth and began to preach. He taught people that it was important to love god and to love their (8)___________. Jesus taught that people should (9)______ and (10)_________ from the heart. Jesus told stories called (11)__________ to teach gods forgiveness (12)__________. The Roman rulers feared the (13)________ of Jesus’ preaching , and so Jesus was (14)___________, or hung from a cross until dead. His followers’ claim that Jesus had risen from the dead led to new religion called (15)______________. Messiah Freedom Jesus Neighbors Love Forgive Parables Mistakes Effects Crucified Christianity

8 Guided Reading Activity 10-1 Page 91
People throughout the empire who accepted Jesus and his teachings became known as (16)___________. Early Christian leaders called (17)__________ helped spread Jesus’ message. Two of these leaders were (18)______________ and (19)______________. They taught that by accepting the teachings of Jesus, people could be saved from (20)_____. Christians Apostles Peter or Paul Peter or Paul Sin

9 Guided Reading Activity 10-2 Page 92
1. What were the 3 conditions within the Roman Empire that helped spread Christian ideas? The empire was in a peaceful state, they also had paved roads connecting the empire, and the people shared a common language, Latin. 2. Give 3 reasons why Christianity attracted followers? Christianity gave meaning to peoples lives by offering hope and comfort to the poor and powerless. Christian ideas were familiar to the Romans. Christianity gave people a chance to be apart of a caring group and community.

10 Guided Reading Activity 10-2 Page 92
3. Why did Christian refuse to worship the emperor as a God? Christians believe only God should be worshipped not an Emperor or both. 4. Where did Christians bury their dead during the persecutions? Christians buried their dead in CATACOMBS. 5. What event caused the emperor Constantine to convert to Christianity? On his way to a battle Constantine saw a Flaming Cross in the sky, he won the battle and Constantine believes God helped him.

11 Guided Reading Activity 10-2 Page 92
6. Which emperor made Christianity Rome’s official Religion? Emperor Theodosius 7. What model did early Christians use to organize the Church They used a Hierarchy modeled after the Roman Empire’s government 8. What were the 5 levels of the church hierarchy? (1) Laity, (2) Priest, (3) Bishops, (4)Archbishops, (5) Patriarchs.

12 Guided Reading Activity 10-2 Page 92
9. What is a written account of Jesus’ lefe and teachings Called? The Gospel 10. Name 2 important works written by the African bishop, Augustine. The City of God and Confessions 11. What caused a division between Latin-speaking Christians and Greek-speaking Christians? Rome claimed power and took the title of POPE. Greeks did not recognize the Roman Pope.

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