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“The Rise of Christianity”

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1 “The Rise of Christianity”
Chapter 6, Section 3 “The Rise of Christianity”


3 The Life and Teachings of Jesus
A. Jesus of Nazareth 1. born around 6 – 4 B.C. in Judea 2. began public ministry at age 30 a. Jewish tradition; Ten Commandments B. A Growing Movement 1. Gospels a. first 4 books of New Testament b. some written by disciples, known as apostles C. Jesus’ Death 1. visited Jerusalem, greeted as the Messiah a. Jewish chief priests denied Jesus b. said teachings were blasphemy 2. Pontius Pilate – Roman governor a. accused Jesus of defying Roman authority b. sentenced Him to crucifixion 3. rose from the dead, into heaven


5 Judea

6 Christianity Spreads Through the Empire
A. Paul’s Mission 1. Jew; never met Jesus; had a vision 2. Pax Romana made travel & exchange of ideas safe, providing ideal conditions for Christianity to spread a. common languages (Latin & Greek) 3. wrote letters called Epistles a. Jesus was son of God b. welcomed Jews and Gentiles (non-Jews) c. universality enabled Christianity to become more than local religion

7 B. Jewish Rebellion 1. A.D. 70 – Romans burned Temple complex
a. Western portion left; shrine today 2. Diaspora: dispersal of the Jews a. Jews driven from homeland for +1,800 years C. Persecution of the Christians 1. punished for refusal to worship Roman gods

8 III. A World Religion A. Reasons for widespread appeal of Christianity: 1. Embraced all people – men/women, slaves, poor, nobles 2. gave hope to powerless 3. appealed to those who were repelled by extravagances of imperial Rome 4. offered a personal relationship with a loving God 5. promised eternal life after death

9 B. Constantine Accepts Christianity
1. emperor battling for leadership of Rome 2. prayed for divine help; saw image of cross 3. won battle 4. A.D. 313, persecution of Christians ended a. Edict of Milan 1. religion approved by emperor C. Early Christian Church – copy chart in notes Pope Bishops Bishops Bishops priests priests priests priests priests people

10 1. New Testament added to Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)
D. A Single Voice 1. New Testament added to Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) Paul Peter

11 Daily Essential Questions To what does the to term Pax Romana refer?
How were Jesus’ teachings at odds with Roman values and religious ideas? Why was Paul significant to the spread of Christianity?

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