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A place where childhood is a journey, not a race..

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1 A place where childhood is a journey, not a race.

2  Phone calls: 763-745-5861  Please leave a message- I won’t be answering the phone during teaching time  Email:  Best way to contact me- I will get back to you as soon as possible, but I try to only check my e- mail during school hours  Weekly newsletters  Come home on Mondays (electronic versions will start in January)

3  Please check every day  Kids will pack them (Stays Home and Comes Back sides)  Best way to send me notes, money and homework

4  Baby Swanson is due on September 28  Mrs. Crist will have access to voicemail (same number)  E-mail is preferred (address will be given out when Mrs. Crist takes over)  I will be back in early December  Any questions?

5  Nightly Reading- Plastic “Reading Envelope”  recording sheets  1 or 2 books nightly-starting by the end of September  Math Home Links  Sent home nightly  Family Times reading activities  Sent home on Monday for the week  Other- may include other reading activities, Health activities, Social Studies activities, Science activities

6  Reading envelopes should be completed daily  Math Home Links should be completed daily  Family Times activities, other reading activities, Health activities, Social Studies activities and Science activities should be done as soon as possible  All activities that show students’ work should be sent back to school for grading

7  Bell rings at 9:00- begin morning jobs  2 nd bell rings at 9:10- gather for morning news on PA system  9:10- Morning Meeting and Calendar Math  Start with a greeting  Change classroom helpers and go over the day’s schedule  Complete Calendar Math activities  Read our morning message  Do Star of the Week

8  Each student will be featured during one week this year  Photos and poster  Things to share each day  See note that will come home prior to your child’s week  We will randomly choose weeks during the first few days of school and then I will let you know when your child’s week will be

9  9:30-11:30 Language Arts Block  Whole Group Reading Activities  Small Group Reading Activities  Guided Reading Groups  Reading Workshop  Whole Group Writing Activities  Writing Workshop  Snack break in between these activities

10  Please bring a small and healthy snack from home-I will not be able to provide extra snacks here at school.  No drinks please.  We will have one morning snack break- Please make sure your child’s snack is a quick and can be eaten while working if needed  Please remember to send along a spoon, fork, etc.- I do not have extra of these to hand out

11  11:30-12:30  Day 1–Music with Mr. Almen  Day 2- P.E. with Mr. Hawkinson  Day 3- Media and P.E. with Mrs. Lapensky and Mrs. Strelow-Lundblad  Day 4- Art with Mr. Juelich  Day 5- Technology with Mrs. Cargill  Gym Shoes- Days 2 and 3  2 library books checked out each week this year

12  Lunch is from 12:40-1:00  You’re welcome to join your child (if you are purchasing your lunch you need to call the office first thing in the morning)  We go outside daily  Please dress for the weather  Bring boots, snow pants, hat and mittens  We go out as long as the temp and or wind chill is safe for children  Lunch recess is from 1:00-1:20

13  1:20-1:40 Story Time  Read Alouds from a paraprofessional  Teacher meeting time  1:40-2:00 Wiggle Break and Handwriting or Reading and Writing Workshop time  Handwriting Without Tears  2:00-3:00 Math  Review of previous day’s lesson  Instruction for the daily lesson  Guided and independent practice in Math Journal  Extension activities

14  3:00-3:35 Health/ Science/ Social Studies/ Project  3:35-3:45 Wrap Up and Pack Up  3:45 Dismissal  If your child is taking a different bus home for day care reasons, or is being picked up by someone other than yourself, or has a different schedule at the end of the day, please send a note to school in your child’s folder to let us know. This note must be dated and signed by you. Due to lack of space on busses, students are only able to ride a different bus if it is for day care purposes. Also, anyone else picking up your child must stop in the office first (please make sure they know that). Following these procedures will save time and help keep your child safe. Also, if you are picking up your child, please wait in either the carpool lane our outside of the building. The hallways are going to be extremely packed full of kids trying to get to the right places at the end of the day this year! Thanks for your help with these things!

15  If you are picking your child up early from school, please remember to go directly to the office. You will need to sign your child out of school. The office will call down to my room so that I know to send your child. Please do not come directly to the classroom as this can disrupt our learning time. Thank you for remembering to send a note!

16  

17  School Policy  Fever and vomiting free for 24 hours prior to return to school (Thank you in advance for following this rule- we don’t want germs to spread here at school!)  Nurse Line  Please call 763-745-5815 if your child will be absent (I also appreciate a call or e-mail).

18  Information from the whole school, PTA  Please send back on Fridays  Plastic Envelope- youngest only sometimes  Please take this home tonight and return it empty on Tuesday  Most communication comes home via the E-news- sign up for notification on the Plymouth Creek website

19 Panther Pride School Wide Expectations

20 Step 1: Your child will receive a verbal warning/reminder. Step 2: Your child will be told to move his/her name on our Stop Light to yellow. This serves as a BIG warning. Step 3: Your child will be told to move his/her name to red on our Stop Light. At this time, a Panther Pride Fix-It Plan will be filled out by your child and he/she will bring it home for you to sign and bring back to school the next day. If needed, an office behavior slip will also be filled out and sent home for you to sign. Your child will then spend a lunch and recess time in the Respect Room with a teacher to discuss the behavior.

21  Warm Fuzzy Jar  “Warm Fuzzies” will be earned for good behavior as a whole class.  When the jar is filled up, we will have a Fun Friday Party that the class will vote on (for example: extra recess, watch a movie, play board games)  Panther Pride Weekly Winner  Your child will earn Panther Pride slips throughout the week for good behavior and his/her name will be entered in a drawing for a prize as the winner at the end of every week.

22  Celebrations throughout the year  Halloween  100 th day  Valentine’s Day  End of the Year  Photo developing  Please donate $12.00 (or what you are able) in cash to cover the costs (envelope provided in your packet).  I will let you know as soon as possible about field trips and/or any other costs this year

23  When you send money to school for lunch, a Scholastic Book Order, or something else, please send the money or check in an envelope marked with your child’s name, date, what the money is intended for and “Mrs. Swanson’s class”. (For example, Anika Swanson, September 1, lunch money, Mrs. Swanson’s class). This will help clarify any issues that may arise.

24  See handouts  Book Nook  Occasional atrium help/home help  Thursday envelope stuffing  Reading Workshop help  Room Parents  Determined through PTO volunteer coordinator  Party Help

25  Plymouth Creek policy is no birthday treats at all. Students may bring in a book to donate to the classroom or a non-food treat for all of the kids in our class  Summer birthdays will be celebrated at the end of the year  Please don’t distribute birthday party invites at school

26 Thanks for coming!!

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