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Ms. Decker’s Third- Grade Class Welcome, students! 1 st Grade Back to School Night Mrs. Fuchs 2013-2014.

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1 Ms. Decker’s Third- Grade Class Welcome, students! 1 st Grade Back to School Night Mrs. Fuchs 2013-2014

2 Our Classroom Learner centered Safe place to be a diverse individual

3 Parent Involvement Check and sign your child’s Daily folder and Reading folder each day. Stay connected to our classroom by reading the newsletter and updates on the website regularly. Sign up for “e-news” to get news from the office. Join PTA !! Kiss Goodbye

4 Snacks/Birthdays/Parties Healthy Snacks – Students bring a snack from home and eat it anytime after 9:00. Please send snacks where sugar and fat contents are listed fourth or more on the ingredients. Did you know you can limit the number of snacks your kids get from the lunchroom? Water Bottles with easy close lids and names written on them (no caps please). Birthdays – Let me know what day you would like to celebrate. Parties begin at 2:20. Class Parties – All parents must sign in through Raptor. You can sign up on BPE website before coming and a pre-printed label will be waiting for you when you arrive. Morning & afternoon parties this year.

5 Homework Blue Daily Folder (homework, notes, lunch money, etc.) Expect homework Monday through Thursday Wildcat Calendar Read every night We are learning to be responsible while it is “affordable”.

6 Curriculum Reading – Assessments Screener BAS Running Records Book levels ? ? ? Math – Problem Solving Word Work Sight words Word Study through word sorts Writing – Writer’s Workshop Science & Social Studies Integrated when possible * Students’ work is mostly done in notebooks

7 Thursday Folder What might be in the Thursday folder? Going Green on Thursday! What email should these NOT be sent to? Sign and return each Friday

8 Website Newsletter Announcements Schedules Class list with first names only

9 Library Every Thursday from 10:10-10:40 Please remind your child to bring books back to school on the library day. Students will check out books each week.

10 Behavior Procedures Class meetings and goals Responsible for Choices - Good choices;Good life, Bad choices; Bad life. Our 1 rule: I can’t cause a problem for myself or others! Affordable Mistakes Classroom Management – Tribes, Love & Logic, Leader in Me

11 Communication Email – best! Phone (classroom vs. office) before 2:00. Notes Wildcat Calendar Open communication is vital to your student’s success.

12 Conferences & Report Cards Fall Conference – No set day this year. They will be held, after school or on our early release day, Sept. 25 Report Card Explanation and rigor added

13 Arrival & Dismissal School begins promptly at 7:45 am. Students who are not in their chairs at 7:45 will be counted tardy. Dismissal is 2:40 pm for 1 st grade students

14 Sickness Please make sure your child is fever free for 24 hours before they return to school. Use good judgment about keeping your child home from school. School Messenger – automated system that will call when your child is absent. Report absence on-line to eliminate being bother

15 Successful Students Help your child prepare for a successful school day, this includes getting them here before 7:45. Read every night! Help your child become a better reader by asking questions about books they read. For math practice at home, review number recognition, addition, subtraction, graphs, measurement, shapes, etc. Put a change of clothes in your child’s back pack for emergencies and be sure to include their name on any clothes, sweaters, jackets… they bring to school.

16 Thank you for coming tonight. Please sign up for the Fall conference before you leave.

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