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Mrs. Johnston Mrs. Herring Miss Signaigo Johnston Elementary.

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1 Mrs. Johnston Mrs. Herring Miss Signaigo Johnston Elementary


3 7:20-8:00 Morning routine; lunch choice, announcements/Pledge, attendance and transportation check 7:20-8:00 Literacy/Handwriting Journal 8:00-8:45 Calendar Math 8:45-10:00 Math Centers 10:00-10:54 Literacy Centers 10:26-10:56 Lunch 11:00 -11:20 Journals 11:20-12:10 Specials 12:35-1:20 Science/Social Studies 1:20-1:50 Recess 1:50-2:00 Pack up 2:15 Dismissal

4 Reading Orton-Gillingham – phonetic, multi-sensory approach Literacy Centers – independent practice Differentiated literacy instruction in small groups Technology – Class set of 16 laptops Math Hands-on learning with manipulatives Learning through music and active movement Small-group differentiated instruction Technology – IXL, SuccessMaker Math Centers – independent practice

5 Written excuses must be sent if the child is absent. You may email me with the written excuse. An excused absence is sickness, funeral, etc. Unexcused absences are trips, etc. Students are counted absent from school if they are checked out before 11:00 am. Please send all money in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and what the money is for. Lunch/breakfast and ASP envelopes can be sent home in the child’s folder weekly. Lunch money must be sent separately from all other payments because lunch money is handled separately than all other school money. PLEASE include your child’s lunch number on all lunch money. Medication – All medications must be in a prescription bottle with the dosage and time on it. A medication form MUST accompany the medicine. All medications are kept in the nurse’s office.

6 PLEASE LABEL ALL SWEATERS, COATS, MITTENS, ETC. Media Center – We will go to the Media Center every Wednesday. Please keep the library books in your child’s backpack to help prevent losing it. Ice Cream – Sold to kindergarteners on Friday for $.75. Please use the little ice cream envelope which I send home each Thursday. Please save all Box Top Labels, Soup Labels, Tyson A+ Labels,

7 Birthdays – Parents are allowed to send cupcakes, cookies, or something nutritional on the day of their child’s birthday. Birthday treats are served during lunchtime. Summer birthdays may send treats during the month of May if they wish. Lunch Visitors and Outside Food

8 We have PE, Music and Art. Make sure your child wears tennis shoes on PE days. You will receive a monthly calendar telling you where your child will be going everyday. Look on the back of your child’s green folder.

9 We will have four celebrations during the year. These celebrations include Winter, Valentine’s Day, and an End of the Year party! All parents are welcome to attend. Please remember to sign in at the office and get a visitors sticker before coming to the room. Our room moms will help me plan these special events, and we will be asking for donations.

10 School-Wide PBIS Adoption Show Me Your P.A.W.S.! Prepare to Learn Always be safe Will follow Directions Show respect School-wide weekly ticket drawing Monster Points – highest point earner earns a PAWS ticket and a trip to the Treasure Box

11 Please look for newsletters coming home each week, and be sure to read them carefully. I also post these on my website, and I update the website weekly. If there is ever a need to discuss your child with me, email or drop a note in the communication folder, and I will call or respond by note/email regarding your child * Conferences will be held in October.

12 You will be notified when field trips are being planned, and we will send home information and permission slips. We will have two out of school field trips this year. Big Springs Pumpkin Patch – October 29 Center for Puppetry Arts - March

13 Please practice shoe tying! Please practice lunch numbers! Read to your child everyday. Complete the homework packet and Rainbow Words with your child Monday-Friday IXL at home for extra math practice!

14 GKIDS - standards based Every nine weeks No progress reports like the upper grades

15 All visitors must report to the office to sign in before coming to the classroom. Please get a visitors sticker after signing in. Friday Mystery Reader will start in September – please sign up tonight if you are able! You can volunteer from home, too! There are always things that are needed to be cut out, assembled, etc.

16 Please notify me in writing of any transportation changes. Daily changes can be sent via a note (not an email). Please include my name, your child’s name, your name, the date and the change.

17 for taking the time to attend Curriculum Night ! We look forward to working with you and your child this year. It is going to be a wonderful year filled with exciting learning activities!

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