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Teaching Grammar Prof. A.karim Benlaayouni Ibn Zohr Univ.

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1 Teaching Grammar Prof. A.karim Benlaayouni Ibn Zohr Univ.
Department of Anglo-Saxon Studies Agadir

2 What is grammar? grammar is "a living resource that gives us the ability to communicate our ideas and feelings and to understand what other people say or write to us" A description of the structure of a language and the way in which linguistic units (words and phrases…) are combined to produce sentences in that language.

3 Grammar describes the speaker’s knowledge of the language.
Grammar looks at the language in relation to how it is structured in the speaker’s mind, and which principles and parameters are available to the speaker when producing the language

4 Steps for Learners In order to master the grammar successfully…
Learners must: 1. notice the item 2. begin to understand it in terms of form, meaning and use 3. try it out within a controlled environment, so that they can make mistakes and receive feedback 4. need opportunities to use the new language in different situations.

5 Deductive Learning An approach in which learners are taught rules and given specific information about a language. Then they apply them when using the language (Grammar translation method & audio-lingual method) Rules         Teacher centered approach Practice

6 Inductive Learning Practice
An approach in which learners are not taught rules directly, but are left to discover - or induce - rules from their experience of using the language Emphasis on the use of language rather than presentation of information about the language (direct method & communicative approach…) Practice        learner centered approach Rules

7 Stages of a lesson Presentation Creation of need Drilling Explanation
Deductive Lesson Inductive Lesson Presentation Drilling Explanation Checking Drilling again Exploitation Creation of need Introduction Checking Drilling Exploiting

8 Teaching techniques Examples / Tables and charts
Memorizing / visual aids Tape recorders / Visual grammar Choral repetition / Gap filling / Role playing language labs

9 Drilling…. A technique commonly used in language teaching based on guided repetition or practice. A drill which practices some aspects of grammar or sentence formation is often known as “pattern practice”

10 Types of drills Substitution drill Expansion Restatement Completion
Inflections: e.g., I bought the ticket. – I bought two tickets. Replacement: e.g., I bought the candy. –She bought the candy. Expansion I know him. (hardly) – I hardly know him. Restatement Ask her how old she is.- How old are you? Completion I’ll go my way and you go….- I’ll go my way and you go yours.

11 Transformation Restoration He knows my address.
Negative…He doesn’t know my address. Question…Does he know my address? Past…He used to know my address. Restoration students/waiting/bus…Students are waiting for the bus.

12 Appropriate (level & structure)
A good drill…? Realistic Meaningful Consistent Varied Clear Appropriate (level & structure) pace (fast / slow)

13 Students’ errors Over-generalization: Correction techniques:
Language learners often produce errors which are extensions of general rules to items not covered by the rules, e.g. 'I comed home'. Correction techniques: Self correction Peer correction Teacher correction

14 Thanks for your attention
Good luck…

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