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It begins with me… Feeling good about yourself and knowing that you deserve healthy relationships is VERY important! See the good in yourself and focus.

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2 It begins with me… Feeling good about yourself and knowing that you deserve healthy relationships is VERY important! See the good in yourself and focus on your strengths. Strong Determined Outgoing Kind Creative 1 minute

3 Healthy Relationships Unhealthy Relationships
Think about it… Looking back on this school year, think about the types of friendships/relationships you have had. Talk with your elbow partner about the healthy and unhealthy characteristics of some of those relationships. In other words, what does a healthy relationship look like? What does an unhealthy relationship look like? Please do not use names when giving your example… Healthy Relationships Unhealthy Relationships 3 minutes

4 Healthy Relationships Unhealthy Relationships
Healthy vs Unhealthy Healthy Relationships Unhealthy Relationships Equality: You make decisions together. Control: One of you is demanding. Honesty: You are truthful with one another. Dishonesty: One of you tells lies or hides information from the other. Physical Safety: You feel safe and aren’t afraid of getting hurt. Physical Abuse: One of you physically hurts the other person on purpose. Respect: You treat others the way you want to be treated. Disrespect: One person has little consideration for the other’s feelings and thoughts. Comfort: You feel good about yourself around the other. Intimidation: One of you feels less important/valuable than the other. Sexual Respect: You respect each other’s bodies and don’t ask him/her to do something that he/she doesn’t want to. Sexual Abuse: One of you uses pressure to force one person to engage in sexual activity that he/she doesn’t want to. Independence: You are free to be yourself and make your own decisions. Dependence: One of you demands the other’s total time and attention, at the exclusion of others. Humor: It’s fun to be around each other. Hostility: One person is just plain mean (even if it is only part of the time). 3 minutes

5 Types of Relationships
You can have healthy relationships with anyone in your life: Family Friends People you date Relationships take time and care to make them healthy! Discussion Question: Why do good relationships take time and care? What are some ways we can accomplish this? 2 minutes

6 Healthy Relationships Involve…
Polite Communication Respect and Trust Compromise Feeling Safe Let’s talk about each one… 15 seconds

7 Communication 15 seconds

8 Communication The most important part of any healthy relationship is communication. Communication means that you are able to share things about yourself and your feelings. It also means that you listen to what the other person shares. This can happen through POSITIVE talking, ing, writing, texting, or even using body language. When you are talking to someone, look him or her in the eye to show you are listening. When you have healthy communication, everyone feels calm. You can share your feelings with the other person. You know that he or she will be there to listen, support you, and keep personal things that you share private. The other person will feel safe with you, too. In healthy relationships, people are honest. 2 minutes

9 Respect and Trust 15 seconds

10 Respect and Trust Conflict can still happen in healthy relationships. You must deal with conflict in a respectful manner, and that will help you continue to build trust in the relationship. cool off find out what the real problem is listen to the other person talk it out be polite- this includes not talking negatively to others about the problem or the person If you can't work it out on your own, talk to an adult you trust who can help you. 2 minutes

11 Compromise 10 seconds

12 Compromise In a healthy relationship, compromise is always present. Compromise means each person gives up a little bit of what he or she wants so that the relationship remains healthy. There may be some issues in which compromise is not an option. A good relationship never asks or demands compromise in a situation that is unsafe or uncomfortable. This includes the values and rules that are important to you and your family. For example, if one of your values is education, you would ALWAYS say NO to a friend who was trying to get you to skip class or cheat on an assignment. Some of these values and rules also keep you safe. (An example of this would be no underage drinking or no missing curfew.) 2 minutes

13 Feeling Safe 10 seconds

14 Feeling Safe In all of your relationships, you should feel safe emotionally and physically. When something is happening in a relationship that causes hurt, pain, or uncomfortable feelings, it may be a sign of abuse. Abuse can be emotional, physical, or sexual. The person should always seek help from a trusted adult. 1 minute

15 What do I do if I or someone I know needs help…
Find an adult you can trust and talk to them about your situation: family extended family friend's parent counselor coach teacher faith leader/mentor campus SRO 1.5 minutes

I have the right: To be treated with respect always To my own body, thoughts, opinions, and property To choose and keep my friends To change my mind – at any time To not be abused – physically or emotionally To leave a relationship To say no To be treated as an equal To disagree To live without fear and confusion from my friends’ anger 2 minutes

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