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Buyer Advertising & UMass Boston Navigating the Changing Landscape of Recruitment Communications Presented to: November 18, 2014.

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1 Buyer Advertising & UMass Boston Navigating the Changing Landscape of Recruitment Communications Presented to: November 18, 2014

2 Buyer Advertising A full service, privately owned, strategic communications agency with offices in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Florida A Top-100 Women-Led Business, experienced in successful branding, interactive and marketing solutions for more than 47 years Expertise in recruitment communication strategies Proudly supporting the UMass System for more than 7 years

3 A strategic team headed by Jeff McEvoy partnering with our clients to deliver: Custom communications and staffing plans Discounted media planning and buying Innovative ways to brand you as a top employer Simplified recruiting solutions that leverage social media Full design and production of web, collateral and support materials Digital and interactive expertise Proactive ideas to help you recruit The Buyer Advantage

4 UMass System (All Campuses) Unlimited Job Posting Contract $8,250 Prior 12 Month Posting Activity # of PostingSingle PostingTotal PostingsCosts Amherst59$230$13,570 Boston211$230$48,530 Dartmouth47$230$10,810 Medical School285$230$65,550 President's Office35$230$8,050 Lowell215$230$49,450 Totals852$195,960 Grand Total$195,960 Contract Pricing$8,250 UMass Savings$187,710

5 The Buyer Advantage


7 The Changing Recruitment Media Landscape

8 U.S. Traffic Rankings

9 Job Aggregators

10 Job Aggregators index job postings from the web Jobs may be sponsored and will appear at the top of the search results The pay-per-click model ensures pay for performance; you’re only charged if a candidate clicks on your ad, so your jobs benefit from brand visibility even if action is not taken The two most common Job Aggregators are Indeed & Simply Hired Job Aggregators

11 Organic Jobs Sponsored Jobs Job Aggregators

12 Social Media

13 66% of Online Boomers maintain a profile on at least one social network Gen Y has surpassed Boomers in size as an employable generation ages 18-35 (Pew) By 2015, 50% of the workforce will be Gen Y: Social, Mobile, Digital Communication Social Media

14 Linkedin 300+ million professional members in 200+ countries 72% 25-54 90% college educated About 34% of members located in the U.S. Over 5.7 billion professional searches performed in 2013. Professionals are signing up at a rate of more than two new members per second. Products Include: Work With Us Ads Talent Direct Emails Job Slots Recruiter Licenses Career Tab

15 Facebook More than 1.3 billion users 72% of all U.S. Internet users are on Facebook 2 nd most visited site on the Internet Average user has more than 200 friends on the site Average user spends 75 minutes/day on the site

16 Target by: location, gender, age, education, school, interests, employer and keywords. Pay-Per-Click pricing allows the advertiser to pay only when a user clicks on the advertisement. Facebook also allows for the advertiser to control how much they are willing to spend on a daily basis. Facebook is very successful in promoting hiring events, hiring initiatives and Likes on Facebook pages. Facebook Tile Advertising

17 Search Engines (Digital Media)

18 Search Engine Marketing Sponsored (SEM)

19 Campaigns are based on key words and can be geo- targeted within a defined location and time of day Text ads have a title of 25 characters and 2 lines with 35 characters each and a link to a live webpage Google is a pay-per-click model No long term commitments Search Engine Marketing

20 Google display ads run on Google Ad Network sites (CNN, Amazon, etc). Based on algorithms, the display ads are served up on sites that candidates within certain job categories frequent Google is a pay per click model using a daily budget limit A Google campaign may be limited by location and time of day Google Display Advertising

21 Your Career Site - The Cornerstone of Your Recruitment Strategy

22 Career Site Development Does your career site: Reflect your Employer Brand Promote your EVP Provide Compelling and Detailed Info Deliver Content Dynamically Organize Content by Hiring Area Leverage Video Provide Candidate Interaction Leverage Social Media Take Advantage of SEO Attract Mobile Job Seekers - Responsive/Mobile

23 Career Site Development


25 Social Media Integration

26 Video Integration

27 UMass Boston Career Homepage

28 Dedicated Mobile Platform A mobile-friendly job search platform is available to ensure candidates on the go have the ability to easily search and “quick apply” to your jobs

29 A Single Responsive Site

30 Thank You!

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