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ABOUT US WHO WE ARE WE ARE YOUR OUTSOURCED DIGITAL MARKETING DEPARTMENT We are a Full Digital Marketing Agency headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

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3 WHO WE ARE WE ARE YOUR OUTSOURCED DIGITAL MARKETING DEPARTMENT We are a Full Digital Marketing Agency headquartered in London, United Kingdom with a network of professionals in Romania, Pakistan, India and United States. Our aim is to provide High End Quality Digital Marketing at Affordable Rates. Our marketing professionals turn your Browsers into Buyers by raising your brand awareness, increasing website traffic and delivering the leads to get you more customers. Let us manage your digital marketing and you take care of your day to day business affairs.

4 POWERFUL DIGITAL MARKETING THAT BRINGS CRAZY FOOTPRINT TO YOUR BUSINESS WE OFFER AFFORDABLE RATES We are your affordable alternative to employing a full time Marketing Staff. At Marketing Eye Global we deliver you the ”IDEAL WORLD”, everything you want from your own in-house team, except the cost and complexities. WE PROMISE BEST BRAND POSITIONING A BRAND is a Promise. It portrays your company’s Vision, Mission, Values and Key Messages. We help position your brand in the desired target market and bring your brand to life with our creative digital marketing strategies. WE DELIVER CRAZY LEAD GENERATION Whether it be your Web Design and Development, Content Creation, Digital Strategy, SEO, SMM or Public Relations, Marketing Eye Global brings in crazy footprint to your business helping you increase your revenues


6 DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY We develop digital marketing strategies for our clients extracted from the global best practices acquired by our digital marketing professionals over the years. Our understanding about the cross sector knowledge build and implement strategic marketing plans that make your company click. SEARCH ENGINE MANAGEMENT Our specialized SEO team put in their best efforts to ensure your website is listed on the first page of renowned search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bingo and others. We only use ethical SEO techniques to improve your site rankings. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Social media is changing the landscape of the web. We execute integrated social media marketing strategies that work for your brand, connect with your customers and convert sales. Improve your brand presence and attract new customers on all social platforms daily with Marketing Eye Global.

7 LOGO DESIGN AND BRANDING A clearly defined brand and a decent logo is the spirit of every flourishing business. We have years of experience, creative flair and technical skills which enable us to provide you a unique company logo design and branding services. WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Whether it’s web design, development or maintenance, we take care of everything. We have a solution for every business, ranging from a small one-page website with a custom design to a full featured e-commerce platforms. CONTENT DEVELOPMENT For a winning digital marketing strategy, businesses need to have content that is compelling, authoritative and customized to brand voice. We create informative and imaginative content to assist your business grow online.

8 MOBILE WEB AND APPS DEVELOPMENT At Marketing Eye Global, we have a professional team of Mobile Web and Application developers who can give your business an edge with their talent and serve you promote your business through mobile trends EMAIL MARKETING We execute high-impact magnificently designed email campaigns that deliver your message to your niche market. Whether it’s generating leads, keeping in touch with your clients or sending a newsletter, we help you reach your audience. PUBLIC RELATIONS Get your business noticed with our highly skilled public relations team. Whether it’s your press release, industry comment, announcements or stories, our professionals will ensure you get noticed with innovative ideas and our industry connections to lift the lid on your business.

9 PACKAGES Keeping in view the need of the customers, we have developed packages in two categories. The first category package is designed for the startup clients who wish to go digital and our package provide complete formation services under one go. Our ready-to-go Formation package establishes your business for online media. Our digital marketing packages are designed in order to establish your brand, win new customers and generate crazy leads, with the professional assistance of Marketing Eye Global. From as little as £999 monthly, you will have your complete outsourced digital marketing team of specialists to deliver successful and fast marketing strategies that driven powerful results. Packages are completely flexible and can be tailored to meet your desired business objectives

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