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Presented By: Jeanne Foulon, President October 7, 2010 Presented By: Jeanne Foulon, President October 7, 2010 Expanding Your Website’s Reach New Jersey.

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1 Presented By: Jeanne Foulon, President October 7, 2010 Presented By: Jeanne Foulon, President October 7, 2010 Expanding Your Website’s Reach New Jersey Bank Marketing Association Fall Seminar

2 Building A Website Is Not Enough. How Do You Get Found by Your Prospects & Customers?

3 Email Marketing Online Advertising –Local Search –Banner Ads –Pay-Per-Click SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Online Marketing Tactics for Expanding Your Website’s Reach

4 Best ROI for Online Marketing Tactics




8 Email Marketing

9 One of the most powerful marketing tools available for developing and retaining relationships with your customers Email can help make your website a financial resource center for your customers Drive existing customers to website or landing pages for cross-selling and promotions

10 Email Marketing Benefits Easy to implement Use online banking customer list to start Build list from website Low cost – high ROI Go to market fast

11 Email Marketing Benefits Trackable Allows for testing Allows for segmentation Helps you gather information from visitors

12 Online Advertising Local Search Banner Ads Pay-Per-Click

13 Online Advertising - Local Search Local Search Marketing –Create a local business profile or listing on Google Maps, Google Places & YAHOO! local –List with local online directories -, –Listings are free in most cases –Time and effort to implement and maintain

14 Online Advertising – Banner Ads Multiple size & positions –Skyscraper –Rectangle –Tile Multiple options for ad placement Pay per impression – like print newspaper ads Smaller websites may charge annual fee, not by impression

15 Use for –Branding –Grand Opening –Rate Driven Products Look for local section Easy to change campaigns and graphics Geo-target campaigns to fit your profile Flight time: 3-6 months Average click through rate on banner ads:.05%

16 Online Advertising – Pay-Per-Click What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising? PPC involves creating and placing ads containing keywords in prominent positions on search engine results pages. Advertisers bid on keywords the search engine uses to determine ad placement and how often the ad will be shown.

17 Pay-Per-Click Ads Only pay for an ad when a visitor clicks on ad and is taken to the advertiser’s Website Ads are targeted to the local, regional or national market served Online Advertising – Pay-Per-Click

18 Benefits of PPC PPC drives qualified leads through –Email –Landing pages –Form submissions –Phone calls Track results with online, on-demand reporting Specialist assigned to your account Change keywords and campaigns on the fly Multiple ads running during campaign Ongoing campaign optimization

19 Online Advertising – Pay-Per-Click Costs of PPC Set up fee Monthly ad budget for purchase of keywords Monthly maintenance and reporting fee Suggested flight: minimum of 3 months How To Get Started Your creative or web agency Google or YAHOO! Network Solutions In-house Use For Rate Driven Products

20 PPC vs. SEO When you enter a keyword at a search engine like Google, you get back two types of results: –Paid search ads or “sponsored listings” –Natural or “organic” results Getting your website to rank as high as possible in natural search results is accomplished through SEO.

21 Natural or Organic SearchPaid Search – PPC

22 Search Engine Optimization

23 SEO - Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization is the process of making changes to your Website to improve its chances of ranking well on search engines. This includes: –keywords that people might use to search for your business –putting the keywords in right place in your Website ’ s content –having sufficient content on each of your Website pages

24 Basics of SEO Optimize your website’s content for keyword phrases specific to your business –Search engines look for keywords or phrases in specific areas of your Website –To rank higher in search results you should identify the most effective keywords Create your own keyword list or use online keyword suggestion tools Google’s Free keyword suggestion tool: SEO - Search Engine Optimization

25 Look at your competitors’ Websites. Using Internet Explorer, view their keywords by selecting “View” and then “Source” from the menu bar at the top of your browser. Look for a line in the code called “Keywords Content” which will list the keywords used on that page. SEO - Search Engine Optimization keywords

26 SEO - Search Engine Optimization Place keywords in the parts of your Website where the search engines will look –titles –headings –subheadings Spread keywords throughout the content of your site –Each page should contain about 250 – 600 words of unique content with 4 or 5 occurrences of your targeted keywords –Use no more than three keywords per page

27 Meta Name Keywords Meta Description Tag SEO - Search Engine Optimization Page Title

28 SEO - Search Engine Optimization Get your Website “Crawled” by the Search Engines Significant factors determining your site’s search ranking is the presence of links from other sites to yours The more Websites linking to your site, the more search engine spiders will visit your site and find new content quickly Here are some methods for obtaining links: –1. Ask for links –2. Directory links –3. Press Releases –4. Blogs You can find out who links to you already:

29 SEO - Search Engine Optimization Tracking and Measuring Results Use a keyword ranking program to see how your keyword phrase ranking positions go up and down over time Use web analytics to track to what your visitors are doing on your site –See how many visitors you get each day –Which search engines your visitors are using to find your site –Which keyword phrases they are using to get there Maintain Good Results and Use Best Practices Tweak and change the content on your Website Add new keywords occasionally Constantly add new or update content

30 SEO - Search Engine Optimization Be Patient and Consider Professional Help Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing, gradual process of testing, measuring, and refining Do not expect a top ranking in Google overnight Achieving high rankings can take as long as 6 to 12 month Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving - consider professional help

31 In Summary Understanding of Online Marketing Tactics for Expanding Your Website ’ s Reach Picked Up a Few Tips Didn ’ t Fall Asleep

32 Questions & Answers Jeanne Foulon, President 973-975-6020

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