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Communication Standard 2 7 th Grade Language Arts.

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1 Communication Standard 2 7 th Grade Language Arts

2 What is a Speech? A formal talk given to an audience on a particular topic

3 When would you need to give a Speech or Communicate with others?

4 Using Communication in different settings… Formal Settings Acting in a play Interviewing for a job Delivering a speech to the class Giving a thank you speech for an award Greeting visitors to the school Running for class office Delivering a book report in class Informal Settings Parties with friends and family members The dinner table Chatting with friends and family in the car Phone calls Organized sports Playing video games Family meetings

5 How Can I Plan to Give a Speech? Identify your Audience Choose your Topic Choose your Purpose Conduct Research on your Topic Organize Your Ideas and Information Write and Revise Your Speech Practice, Practice, Practice

6 SPI 0701.2.1 Identify the purpose of a speech (i.e., to inform, to describe, to explain, to persuade, to entertain). A speech may be given for many different reasons. Here are the most common: To inform To describe To explain To persuade To entertain Do these purposes look familiar?

7 SPI 0701.2.2 Identify the targeted audience of a speech. When determining the targeted audience for a speech, keep the following in mind: Who am I presenting this information to? What are their likes and dislikes? What is the age level of this group?

8 SPI 0701.2.3 Identify the thesis and main points of a speech. A good speech is organized similar to an essay It has a thesis statement (main idea) and main points that support the thesis. Each main point should have supporting details to strengthen the speech.

9 SPI 0701.2.4 Determine the most effective methods for engaging an audience during an oral presentation. Making eye contact Adjusting your speaking rate Using good body language Don’t fidget Gesture when appropriate Maintain good posture

10 SPI 0701.2.5 Organize ideas in the most effective order for an oral presentation. The most effective way to organize your notes from research, brainstorming, and graphic organizers is to create an outline. Outlines help you group similar thoughts together and have a visual overview of where your speech is headed.

11 Sample Outline for a Speech I.Introduction I.Attention Grabber II.Statement of topic and purpose II.Body I.Main Idea I.Supporting Detail II.Supporting Detail II.Main Idea I.Supporting Detail II.Supporting Detail III.Conclusion I.Review of main ideas II.Memorable statement

12 SPI 0701.2.6 Discern the organizational pattern of a speech. There are 5 ways for you to arrange your speech so it is clear for your audience. SequenceChronological Compare and Contrast Cause and Effect Problem and Solution We will create a foldable to help you understand these 5 text structures.

13 SPI 0701.2.7 Select the most appropriate behaviors for participating productively in a team. Ask primarily relevant questions that move the team toward its goal and contribute to the topic of discussion Articulate the goals that have been provided for the team work and ask clarifying questions Come to agreement by seeking consensus or following the majority

14 SPI 0701.2.8 Identify the functions and responsibilities of individual roles within an organized group. Reporter-Summarizes the progress of a group to the class or instructor. Recorder-Takes notes and keeps track of group work and materials. Information gatherer-Gets needed materials and is the liaison between groups and between their group and the instructor Leader-Keeps the group focused and makes sure that everyone is helping with the project Timekeeper-Makes sure that the group is completing all parts of a project on time.

15 SPI 0701.2.9 Distinguish between a summary and a critique. Notes for this standard are already in your interactive notebook!

16 Your Speech Writing Situation: Imagine that someday in the future you are given a special award for an accomplishment for which you have worked very hard. Now you must accept this award at a ceremony held in your honor. Your task is to write and deliver an acceptance speech for this award.

17 Helpful Hints: Think about your goals for the future. You might want this award to relate to your career field, volunteer activities, clubs or organizations to which you belong, or church activities in which you participate. Where do you hope to be in 20 years? What will be the title of the award? Why did they choose you to win this honor?

18 Body: Your Three Main Points For your three main points, you might want to choose one of the following options for organization: MP1: What your accomplishment was… MP2: What obstacles you overcame… MP3: Your plans for the future… MP1: Explain one reason why you won MP2: Reason two… MP3: Reason three…

19 Brainstorm Spend 10 minutes brainstorming ideas for this topic.

20 Graphic Organizer Spend 20 minutes completing the graphic organizer for this speech

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