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Group Discussions & Group Roles Kelli Hurdle Brighton Middle School.

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1 Group Discussions & Group Roles Kelli Hurdle Brighton Middle School

2 The Learner Will  Examine behaviors for participating in group discussions (701.2.8)  Identify the functions and responsibilities of individual roles within an organized group (701.2.7)

3 How much do you know?  Common sense approach to group discussions/assignments  What do you already know?

4 Group Discussions

5 Appropriate Behaviors for Participating in Group Work  Ask relevant questions that move the group towards its goal.  Understand the task you are trying to accomplish.  Come to an agreement by seeking consensus or following majority.  Contribute appropriate & useful information  Consult reference texts/resources as needed.  Take turns speaking  Be respectful of others’ ideas  Don’t interrupt!

6 During discussions, be an active listener ! Listen to the speaker Ask relevant questions Listen to the answers This extends the discussion & gets more in-depth

7 5 Major Group Roles  Leader  Recorder  Reporter  Timekeeper  Information gatherer **All group members must participate in discussion.**

8 During discussions, designate a capable leader!  Guides conversation  Keeps everyone focused  Calls on others  Makes sure everyone participates  Asks group members questions  Makes comments  IS NOT THE BOSS!!!

9 Leader  Directs the group’s discussion  Makes sure everyone gets to speak  Keeps the group on task (asks questions)

10 Recorder  Participates in group discussion then  Records what the group agrees to do  Writes down the group’s ideas

11 Reporter  Reports the group’s ideas or conclusions to the teacher and/or the class.

12 Timekeeper  Participates in group discussion while  Keeping an eye on the time  Helps keep group on task

13 Information Gatherer  Gathers information the group needs and presents it to the group

14 In conclusion  Group discussions/assignments require everyone to ________________.  No one gets to _______________.  Each member plays an important ______________ in helping the group reach its goals.  Be _____________ of others suggestions.

15 Group Activity  Mystery Word Theater  Pre-assigned Groups  Complete Handouts

16 Group Roles Handout

17 Graphic Organizer

18 Example

19 Your Turn  I will now put you in groups.

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