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Persuasive Techniques

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1 Persuasive Techniques

2 Rhetoric - The art or study of using language effectively and persuasively; language that is elaborate, pretentious, insincere, or intellectually vacuous (stupid)

3 Appeals to the Audience
Emotional Appeal – The attempt to convince someone to do something or believe something by tapping into their emotions - common emotions: fear, love, pride, happiness etc. Logical Appeal –using facts, case studies, statistics, analogies, experiments, and logical reasoning – opposite would be faulty logic – sounds logical, but after further consideration is not – misrepresents facts, stats, analogies, etc. Ethical Appeal –sense of right or wrong – the ability of the writer to show they are trustworthy and credible

4 Well if those people are…
Bandwagon The attempt to convince someone to do something or believe something just because “everyone else does” Testimonial – quotations or endorsements in or out of context which attempt to connect a famous or respectable person with a product, item or idea

5 Words, words, words Repetition – Repetition of key terms, names, ideas, etc several times to ensure it will be remembered or recognized (ex ) Glittering Generalities – words that have different positive meaning for individual subjects but are linked to highly valued concepts – words like beautiful, loyal, fun etc.

6 Hitting below the belt Name Calling –the use of derogatory language or words that carry a negative connotation when describing the enemy or the competing idea Pinpointing the Enemy – used extremely often during times of war, political campaigns and debate. An attempt to simplify a complex situation by presenting one specific group or person as the enemy

7 Making a connection Transfer – attempt to make the subject a view a certain item/symbol in the same way as another item/symbol – ex. Using an American Flag behind a truck is an attempt to make a person feel pride, loyal or free when looking at (or driving) the truck Plain Folk – attempt by the propagandist to convince the public that their views or product reflects the common person – may use the accent of a specific audience or specific jokes – ex. “Joe the Plumber”

8 Using Sentence Structure
Rhetorical Questions – questions that the speaker/writer wants the audience to think about– they are designed to evoke an emotional reaction in the audience and act as an emotional appeal Parallelism – the repetition of grammatical constructions to highlight a main point, show equality of ideas and allow the information to be remembered more easily

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