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POWER OF PERSUASION. War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells Radio broadcast October 30, 1938.

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2 War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells Radio broadcast October 30, 1938

3 Persuasive Devices

4 Persuasive Device a technique deliberately used to influence others, to convince the audience of the validity of an argument. (also known as propaganda techniques)

5 Persuasive Devices are used in product advertisements political campaigns everyday situations

6 Common Devices Bandwagon Testimonial Transfer Trial Balloon Exigency Repetition Card-stacking Name-calling Plain Folks Snob Appeal Glittering Generalities Oversimplifying Innuendo Faulty Cause/Effect Out of Context Scare Tactic

7 Bandwagon an appeal to follow the crowd; everybody’s doing it.

8 Bandwagon Clues peer pressure 2 out of 4 dentists recommend Over 4 million sold

9 Testimonial quotation or endorsement, which attempts to connect a respectable person with a product or idea.

10 Testimonial Clues direct quotation actual person with identification courtroom religious conviction hyET522rKMA

11 Transfer Using a famous person or thing to sell an idea or a product by attempting to connect the two.

12 Transfer Clues endorsements celebrities yJjZ_QUY

13 Find and collect examples of bandwagon, testimonial, and transfer.

14 Trial Balloon Offering something free or at a discount

15 Trial Balloon Clues coupons 2 for price of 1 buy one get one free

16 Exigency Offer will expire

17 Exigency Clues expiration date limited time only sales within next 10 minutes

18 Find and collect examples of trial balloon and exigency.

19 Repetition repeating again and again

20 Repetition Clues parents “nagging” children “begging” pop-ups

21 Card-stacking naming all of the positive reasons to choose something, selective omission; can also be used for negative influence.

22 Card-stacking Clues listing numbering

23 Find and collect examples of repetition and card-stacking.

24 Name-calling links a person or idea to a negative symbol or name

25 Name-calling Clues used towards an opponent or competitor negative connotation

26 Plain Folks speaker presents him or herself as a common person

27 Plain Folks Clues Average Joe speaker “understands” the reader/listener

28 Snob Appeal convinces consumers that they are worthy of a product or service because it is the best.

29 Snob Appeal Clues You’ll be popular if… Better than the rest

30 Glittering Generalities Emotionally appeal to positive and highly-valued concepts and beliefs

31 Glittering Generalities Clues Vague positive connotations ‘Strength,’ ‘freedom,’ ‘patriotism’

32 Find and collect examples of name- calling, plain folks, snob appeal, and glittering generalities.

33 Innuendo Hinting or suggesting that something or someone might be negative

34 Innuendo Clues Usually derogatory

35 Innuendo Example

36 Faulty Cause/Effect suggests that because B follows A, A must cause B

37 Faulty Cause/Effect Clues Example: Eating ice cream causes murder More murders occur in the summer More ice cream is eaten in the summer However, ice cream does not cause murder

38 Out of Context Selective editing of quotes which can change meanings

39 Out of Context Clues Political campaigns celebrities

40 Out of Context Examples Obama on Taxes

41 Find and collect examples of innuendo, faulty cause/effect, and out of context quotations.

42 Oversimplifying Favorable generalities are used to provide simple answers to complex problems

43 Oversimplifying Clues Statements are positive and firm qualifying words are never used

44 Scare Tactic Play on consumers’ fears if they do not purchase

45 Scare Tactic Clues What will happen if you chose the other brand/product?

46 Find and collect examples of oversimplifying and scare tactics.

47 Now you will complete several tasks to create a business advertisement and you will use persuasive techniques to convince consumers to buy your product or service.

48 Power of Identity Business Name

49 Power of Image/Symbol Logo/Icon

50 Power of Persuasion Slogan Theme Song

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