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Warm-up  Click on the link below and read the article. Jot down 5 interesting facts  social-media-facts-and-statistics-you-

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1 Warm-up  Click on the link below and read the article. Jot down 5 interesting facts  social-media-facts-and-statistics-you- should-know-in-2014/ social-media-facts-and-statistics-you- should-know-in-2014/

2 PROMOTING YOUR BUSINESS Std: Understanding Marketing Principles Benchmark: 69- Promotional Mix

3 AIDA  ALL PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES SHOULD MAKE YOUR “DEAR AUNT AIDA” HAPPY  ATTENTION-grab attention of the audience  INTEREST- spark interest to learn more  DESIRE – make customer want/long for product  ACTION- make customer get off their rear end and buy the product


5 Social Media How can social media serve as a valuable tool to implement our promotional mix?

6 Watch this!  CfFcchw1w CfFcchw1w

7 Who is using Social Media?  48%: businesses have corporate profile on Facebook  42%: businesses have corporate Twitter account  39%: businesses have corporate profile on LinkedIN  26%: businesses have YouTube presence

8 How do BUSINESSES use Social Media?  Build new connections : the more people you can “reach” the more web traffic you can generate  Increase exposure : the more blog entries, posts, tweets your company gets, the higher your search engine ranking  Create buzz : have greater influence on buying decisions (sneezers) **Nurturing relationships Brand Advocacy

9 How can SMALL businesses benefit from social media?  As Owner, be involved in all PR  Use Twitter creatively  Praise current customers – empower them  Let them sell for you (sneezers)  Toot your own horn  Power of video  Enlist assistance of social media management tools (HootSuite, Google Analytics, etc.)  Use email marketing for CONTENT

10 Why should your business use social media?  More than 69% of on-line users use social media – 63% men, 75% women  Use by businesses grew from 42% in 2008 to 80% in 2011 – more than 90% of businesses use it now  83% of marketers say “Social Media is important to their business”

11 How does SOCIAL MEDIA differ from other marketing tools?  Allows you to interact with your customers and potential customers in real time  Gain immediate access and widespread reach for your marketing message  Integrate off-line and on-line campaigns  Drastically reduce your marketing costs

12 How should your business use Social Media? 1. Drive traffic? 2. Promote your business? – BE CAREFUL! 3. Competitive Advantage? 4. Generate leads? 5. Share expertise? 6. Interact with customers?

13 How are other companies using Social Media?  Working with the members at your table, complete the “Social Media Exploration Activity”

14 DO NOW: Complete the following checklist for your business  Define mission, goals and objectives of business  How do customers find you on social media?  Identify who will manage accounts  What do your customers care about?

15 Activity  Know Your Target Market Inside and Out

16 How much time should you spend on social media? Time  New to social media? 1 hr a week  Average usage: 10 hours a week  For noticeable results: 6-10 hrs/week Time-saving Tips  Use Google Alerts  2 mins a day to check Facebook stats  Set up RSS feed on Twitter, and for your company name and other industry-related terms  Check LinkedIn 1x a day

17 Start Planning  Identify your goals  Research which sites are best for you  Look for blogs with industry-specific content that you can reference  Join IN – start posting thoughtful comments – AVOID PROMOTING (6 days – meaningful, 1 day- promotion)  Build relationships  Measure your results  Analyze, test and CHANGE

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