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Welcome to Richlands Primary School!

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1 Welcome to Richlands Primary School!
Mrs. Baysden & Mrs. Hewitt

2 Welcome to Our Class!!! This year is going to be a new adventure for you and your child! We will be going on field trips and attending school assemblies. There will be surprises when least expected. This is the joy of being in this Kindergarten class!

3 Nightly Routine/Homework
* Every night your child will bring home a folder used to transport informational papers and homework assignments. Also, if you need to send money or notes, please use the zippered pouch in the front. In the paper protectors of this folder you will find the monthly homework sheet, a monthly behavior chart, a nightly reading log and several helpful resources to assist in homework completion. Please send this folder back every day! *Your child will have homework each night Monday-Thursday. It will consist of a reading assignment, letter or word activity and a math activity. Please place completed homework in the back pocket of the folder to be turned in each day.

4 Discipline Policy We use a color-coded card system. Students have individual pockets with 6 colored cards. All students begin on green each day. If rules are broken, they will flip through the cards in the following order: green, yellow, orange, and red. There are consequences for behavior and a daily report will be sent home. Students are also afforded the opportunity to earn blue or purple cards for positive behavior. You can track your child’s progress on the monthly behavior chart that you will find in the their folder.

5 Video & Picture Release Form
This is provided to obtain written permission to videotape and or photograph your child.

6 Letter Studies Through the studies of ABC’s, we may ask students to bring in an object that begins with that letter. You may want to assist them in the beginning, and later allow them to make their own choices. Incorrect responses will be discussed and investigated, not shunned.

7 Bus and Pickups For the first two weeks of school, your child will have a tag attached to his/her backpack to identify if they are bus riders or pickup. Please do not remove the tag.

8 Morning Routine You may bring your child in the first day to walk him/her through the morning routine. 1st Job- Put your folder in the folder box. 2nd Job- Check in with Mrs. Hewitt to make a lunch choice. 3rd Job- Find your cubby and unpack your book bag. 4th Job-Find your seat and begin morning work. After the first day, we ask that you drop your child off at the door to foster their independence.

9 Breakfast If your child wishes to eat breakfast at school, please make sure they do so before checking in with us! Breakfast is served beginning at 8:00 and ending at 8:35.

10 NOTE: Early checkouts equal a tardy
Picking up your child Please pick him/her up by 3:30 in the cafeteria. If you need to check your child out, please do so by 3:15, otherwise you will be requested to wait until 3:30 in the cafeteria. NOTE: Early checkouts equal a tardy

11 Notes If there is any change in your child’s daily pick-up routine we MUST have a written note or a fax to (910) explaining the change that will be approved by the office. Without a note your child will follow his/her regular routine.

12 Was your child absent? If your child was absent, please send in a note. After several days with no note, the school generates a not so pleasant one. This note is NOT from us! To prevent yourself from receiving it, please send in notes!

13 Please let me know if you are interested!
Volunteer Policy We absolutely love volunteers! We will not be calling you in until the end of September. This will give our children time to adjust! You can be fingerprinted at the county office on Wednesday mornings. I will need helpers to come work in class or groups, and even volunteers who can do other jobs out of their homes. Please let me know if you are interested!

14 Lunch You are welcome to join your child for lunch. I once again respectively request that this begins at the end of September, giving us time to adjust. Our lunch time is 10:39-11:04. Breakfast $1.25 Reduced Breakfast-- Lunch $ Reduced Lunch $.40 Milk $.50 **Adults may purchase items individually.

15 Lunch Prepayment You may send lunch money to school with your child or access our online prepayment system.

16 **Boys and Girls Club will not operate on early release days.
The following dates have been designated as professional development days for staff. Students will be dismissed at 12:30 on these days. *September 10 *October 8 *February 11 *March 11 *April 8 **Boys and Girls Club will not operate on early release days.

17 Parties and Birthday Celebrations
According to policies adopted by Onslow County Schools, students in grades K-2 are permitted only 2 parties per year. Also, food items must be store purchased. No homemade items are allowed to be shared with students. We want you to feel free to celebrate your child’s birthday with us and invite you to brings items for our snack time on his/her special day. (Please let us know ahead of time.) Please notify us of any food allergies!

18 Snack To make snack time fair and convenient, we are going to have “community snack”. A monthly calendar will come later with your child’s name and the day for which he/she is responsible for class snacks. (This will be approximately once a month.) If you do not wish to participate, your child will need to bring a snack from home each day. (Please send in healthy snacks.)

19 Enrichment Schedule We will have the following enrichment classes this year: P.E., Music, Computer, Library, Art, Spanish and Classes run on a rotational schedule which we have provided for you. Please have your child wear tennis shoes on P.E. days.

20 Fees Art Fee $1.00 Instructional Fee $5.00 $6.00
*Please pay these tonight or as soon as possible.

21 In case of an “accident”
Please send in a seasonally appropriate change of clothes in case there is an “uh-oh”. These clothes will be kept in their book bags at all times.

22 School Closings *Inclement Weather Phone Number for school closings is *Also found on the county website: *News Channel 12 carries accurate information

23 School Supplies Supply List 1 large backpack (no wheels)
4 wide-ruled spiral notebooks (blue, green, red and yellow) 4 pocket folders with prongs (blue, green, red and yellow) 10+ glue sticks 4 boxes of Crayola 24 count crayons 4 pink erasers 24 pencils (not mechanical) 2 zippered pencil pouches primary handwriting tablet ***We do not need scissors. If you have already purchased them, please keep them for use at home.***

24 Donations Donations into the class are greatly appreciated. Items that are constantly needed are: Magic Erasers Baby Wipes Clorox and Lysol Wipes (to prevent sicknesses!!!) Tissues Dry Erase Markers Clear sheet protectors Treats for our treat jars Post-it Notes

25 Dress Code *No hats inside the building
*Appropriate shoes should be worn for safety reasons (Flip flops, cleats and Heelies are not allowed at any time. Sandals that expose the toes are not permitted during PE and recess which occurs each day.) *No brief or revealing attire.

26 Look for Mrs. Baysden’s name under RPS School Staff.
We have a class website!!! Look for Mrs. Baysden’s name under RPS School Staff.

27 Mrs. Baysden’s email address is:
You can always reach me by . I will respond to you as soon as I can. Mrs. Baysden’s address is:

28 Conferences We will have at least 2 conferences this school year! Any additional will be scheduled upon need/ request.

29 Visitors & Volunteers Please sign in at the front office and get a sticker that states if you are a visitor. This is for the safety of your children, this is the school’s way of knowing who is on campus! Please be aware that instructional time is very important. Therefore, visitor passes will not be given out after 8:35 am unless arranged with the teacher 24 hours in advance.

30 School Hours School begins promptly at 8:15 a.m. Students arriving after the 8:35 bell are considered tardy and need to be checked into the office by a parent. **Students should not arrive before 8:05. Adult supervision is not available before that time. If your child arrives between 8:05 and 8:15, please have them wait in the cafeteria for dismissal to their classrooms.

31 A note from the Teacher I look forward to working with your child and getting to know him/her. I anticipate seeing your child grow and mature over this upcoming year!

32 Forms Please turn in any forms that you have filled out before you leave tonight!!!

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