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Welcome to Kindergarten!

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1 Welcome to Kindergarten!
Whitlow Elementary

2 Welcome to School! *A copy of the Whitlow Elementary Handbook is located on our school website. ATTENDANCE: Do not call the classroom as your message to the office will be forwarded to the teacher’s mailbox. A written excuse is necessary when the student returns to school. You will receive a form to use for excuses. TRANSPORTATION: A WRITTEN note is required for all changes -Note must contain: dates, student’s first & last name, teacher’s name, and change We strongly recommend that students begin the regular transportation routine the first day of school to avoid confusion and changes.

3 General School Information
SCHOOL HOURS: -8:20am-3:00pm -Drop off begins at 7:50am -Tardy after 8:20 am and must be checked in at the front office VOLUNTEERS: -Begin Aug. 24th -Hours: 9am-2pm -Please complete volunteer form -Teachers will schedule as needed -Check in at front desk

4 Lunchroom HILLTOP CAFÉ -Breakfast: $1.40 -Lunch: $2.50
-Can bring lunch from home -Menus online -Access account through MyPaymentsPlus -Ice cream: $1.00 and only on Fridays with a note -Visitors must sit at parent table -No fast food in the lunchroom

5 Communication Folder YELLOW FOLDER: -To and from school everyday
-Main source of parent/teacher communication -Please check your child’s folder every night -Everything goes in yellow folder (money, notes, etc.)

6 Kindergarten Supplies
*Book Bag *1- 1in. 3 ring binder (white with clear pocket) *1 Primary Writing tablet  *3 boxes of crayons (24 count) *24- # 2 pencils *1 pack of colored pencils *2 large pink erasers *1 pack of pencil top erasers *1 pencil box *8 large glue sticks *1 pack of thin dry erase markers *1 pair of child safety scissors *1 box of washable markers (8 pack) *1 pack of fat dry erase markers *3- 3 prong plastic folders with pockets *2 primary ruled composition journals with space at the top for a picture (can purchase at school for $2 each) *1 pack of pencil top erasers 

Allows for optimal learning opportunities for all students Supports differentiated instruction and small group teaching throughout the day

*Please wear tennis shoes on PE days

9 Rules and Behavior SCHOOL RULES: Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Safe
STEPS FOR CLASS BEHAVIOR PLAN Verbal Warning: Student/Teacher Conference Refocus: Student will take time and refocus their behavior. A refocus sheet will be sent home in daily folder to be signed and returned to school. Parent Notification ( or phone call) Office Referral -Students will be given the opportunity to change their day if the behavior improves. -Students will be rewarded in the classroom for great behavior. -Monthly behavior sheet will be in the student’s blue folder. It will be checked if the student moved down and remained there for the day.

-We recommend you have your child come to school and leave from school on Thursday the same way they will every day. This will help establish a routine. Also, we recommend that you not walk them down to the classroom to help them make the transition easier. -To allow the students time to adjust to their new routines there will be no lunchroom visitors or volunteers until August 24th. -Please keep an extra pair of clothes in your child’s book bag in case of an accident or spill. -

-Birthdays will be celebrated on the last Friday of the month. Each classroom will have one parent volunteer sign up to bring in a small food item (mini cupcakes, donuts, etc. will be permitted on this day only) and drink for each student in the class for each month. Please do not bring decorations or goody bags. You can sign up on the table in the back. Parents need to send in or drop treats off at the front desk. -We will have a daily snack in the classroom. Please make sure to send snacks that are nutritious and low in sugar. Chocolate is not recommended for snack. Candy is not allowed for snack.

12 REMINDERS -Have student wear transportation badge to and from school everyday for the next two weeks. -Remember to have your child wear the white label with their teacher’s name (found inside their folder) on Thursday morning. -Don’t forget to complete the forms and put them on the back table. *ALSO PLEASE BE SURE YOU TELL ME HOW YOUR CHILD IS GOING HOME THURSDAY & FRIDAY!!! Thank you so much for coming. We look forward to a wonderful year together.

13 ITSLearning -Each student will have a log in for itslearning
-Logins will be located inside your child’s yellow folder on a sticker -Class information, school news, important dates, and homework will be posted in itslearning -More information will be provided at Curriculum Night, August 25th

14 Remind Text Messages Join Whitlow’s Remind Group:
Enter this number: 81010 Text this


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