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Review Questions Byzantine Empire thru Meso-America.

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1 Review Questions Byzantine Empire thru Meso-America

2 Why did the Western Roman Empire decline? *Name at least one reason*

3 Size – it was too big to run Military – no longer loyal to Rome Moral decay Civil wars weakened Rome Invasions

4 Constantine’s important for?

5 Legalized Christianity and moved the capital from Rome to Constantinople

6 Capital of the Byzantine Empire?

7 Constantinople

8 Geographical advantages to Constantinople?

9 Easily protected, away from Germanic invasions, crossroads of trade, close to Silk Road, and great harbor

10 Great Byzantine Emperor?

11 Justinian

12 At least one ccomplishment made by Justinian?

13 Reconquered former Roman territories, code of laws (Justinian’s Code), and expanded trade

14 Religious images (used by Byzantine empire)

15 Icon

16 Language spoken by most people of the Byzantine Empire?

17 Greek

18 Great Byzantine domed Church?

19 Hagia Sophia

20 Religious division or split of the Eastern and Western churches?

21 Great Schism

22 What factors caused the schism between the Roman Catholic Church and the Byzantine Church (Orthodox)?

23 Language (Latin v. Greek), celibacy (yes v. no), icon controversy, pope v. patriarch

24 Missionary who spread Christianity to eastern Europe and developed an alphabet?

25 Cyril

26 Where did Islam begin?

27 Arabian Peninsula, Mecca, and Medina

28 Who is the prophet of Islam?

29 Muhammad

30 What is the Islamic holy book?

31 Quran/Koran

32 What are the duties of Muslims?

33 Five Pillars

34 What caused the Sunni-Shi’a Islamic Divide?

35 Debate over who was the successor to Muhammad

36 The west African kingdoms of Ghana, Mali and Songhai traded what?

37 Gold and salt

38 Language of Muslims?

39 Arabic

40 Muslims were defeated here preventing the spread of Islam into Europe?

41 Battle of Tours

42 Muslim contributions?

43 Mosaics, Arabic, number system including zero, algebra, medicine, and geography

44 Land given to a vassal in exchange for loyalty?

45 Fief

46 Political and military system in which nobles entered arrangements with other lords in exchange for protection?

47 Feudalism

48 Manors were expected to be able to meet all needs meaning they were?

49 Self-sufficient

50 Peasants during feudal times that were bound to the land?

51 Serfs

52 In exchange for a fief these people offer protection to their lord and to serve him?

53 Vassal

54 Great Frankish king who was crowned Holy Roman Emperor?

55 Charlemagne

56 Frankish king who revived Roman culture, stressed education, expanded his empire through most of western Europe?

57 Charlemagne

58 Ethnic religion of ancient Japan? Believes in Kami?

59 Shinto

60 City in west Africa that served as the foundation for trans-Saharan trade of gold and salt?

61 Timbuktu

62 African civilization located on the Limpopo and Zambezi Rivers?

63 Zimbabwe

64 Religion of west African kingdoms?

65 Islam

66 What was the name of the Christian African kingdom?

67 Axum

68 Civilization located in the Mexican and Central American rainforest (including the Yucatan peninsula)?

69 Maya

70 Civilization located in central Mexico?

71 Aztec

72 Capital of Aztec?

73 Tenochtitlan

74 Achievements made by the Maya, Aztecs, and Incan?

75 Calendar, mathematics, and writing

76 Which civilization was located in South America in the Andes Mountains?

77 Incas

78 Name the capital and important city of the Incas?

79 Capital – Cuzco Important city – Machu Picchu

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