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Mrs. Kagie Daily attendance is important for your child’s success Always inform the office when your child is absent If your child is late or needs to.

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2 Mrs. Kagie

3 Daily attendance is important for your child’s success Always inform the office when your child is absent If your child is late or needs to be leave school early, you must check in or out with the office

4 Encourage your child to do their personal best and be responsible Complete weekly homework and read with your child regularly Talk to your child about their day

5 Volunteer in our classroom- Literacy Stations, Friday Helpers, Class Parties, Field Trips (You can sign-up to volunteer at Back to School Night) Donate supplies

6 Students will be reinforced for good behavior by earning stars on their Good Behavior Ticket When a student is disruptive, hurting others/self, or being disrespectful, they may lose privileges such as sitting on the rug with the class or participating in center time If problem behavior continues, contact with parents will be made and an individual behavior plan will be organized

7 Communication Folders Folders need to come to school every day Homework and parent letters Check your child’s folder daily for important notes Weekly Newsletter Star of the Week Schedule Show and Tell Schedule Important info about upcoming events

8 Star of the Week The Star will have leadership responsibilities and share a poster all about themselves A poster will be sent home the Friday before it is your child’s turn. The Star will present their poster the following Monday Posters will be returned home at the end of the week

9 We will no longer be serving breakfast in the classroom at Lincoln Breakfast will be served daily before school begins

10 Unless your student is participating in Extended-Day, your student will not eat lunch at school We will have a daily snack Snacks are funded by parent donations

11 Field Trips- Ogden Nature Center, Discovery Gateway, and Hogle Zoo Programs- Fall and End of Year Program Parties and Celebrations- Halloween, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas, 100 th Day of School, Valentine’s Day, Dr. Seuss Day Family Math and Literacy Nights

12 We celebrate everyone’s birthday in kindergarten! If your child’s birthday is in the summer, we will celebrate their half birthday You may send a treat for your child’s birthday, but it is not required Only send store bought treats DO NOT SEND PARTY INVITATIONS TO SCHOOL

13 Homework will be sent home on Fridays Return completed check off sheet in folder by the following Friday Weekly homework includes: hands on activity, sight word reader, new sight word cards to add to sight word ring, daily reading minutes Show and Tell: students will bring an item that begins with their assigned letter to share with the class

14 I DESK Standards Grading Scale 3= meets or exceeds grade level standard 2= Below grade level standards 1= Far below grade level standard

15 One of the benefits of being a Title One school is we provide all the classroom supplies for your student Do not send supplies to school unless they are on my wish list- we often have issues over fancy pencils brought to school You are only responsible for providing a standard-sized backpack for your child

16 There are many ways to contact me: E-mail Note in your child’s folder-I check folders everyday Phone Calls- I do not answer my phone during school hours, but I do check my voicemails and will get back to you as soon as possible *If it is an emergency, please contact the office

17 $10 donation for field trips, Thanksgiving Feast, and Snacks (please pay to the office and tell them it is for the kindergarten fund) Snacks- cereal, pretzels, fruit snacks, crackers Tissues, glue sticks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, printer paper Box Tops for Education

18 AM Kindergarten: Monday-Thursday 8:50am-11:30am Fridays 8:50am- 10:50am PM Kindergarten: Monday-Thursday 12:45pm-3:25pm Friday 11:25am- 1:25pm

19 Before School Starts: We will line up outside the back door between rooms 1 and 2 on the south side of the building by the yellow circle Kindergarten teachers will open the door after the bell rings Do not bring your child early to school; there is not adult supervision available before school hours Do not let your child play on the playground before school- I can’t see them and they can’t see me

20 At the End of Our Kindergarten Day: All students will be brought to the doors outside of the office Students need to say bye to me continually until I say good-bye back and see who they are leaving with Do not park in the crosswalk Pull your car up to the curb when picking up your child and be on time The rush of students after school can be overwhelming to new kindergarteners. We often come out before or after the bell

21 Schedule for First Week of School Aug. 25- First Day of School- Early out Aug. 26 and 27- Individual Testing- Students only come to school on their assigned time and date Aug. 28- Regular school day Aug. 29- Friday schedule

22 Back to School Night- Thursday, August 21 Open House 4:00pm-6:00pm Come see our classroom Sign up for testing times and volunteering Ask questions Get more important information for the school year

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