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EQ: How did Reconstruction impact Georgia and other southern states?

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1 EQ: How did Reconstruction impact Georgia and other southern states?

2 Reconstruction

3 Reconstruction Occurred during the period following the civil war
The process of rebuilding the south and readmitting them into the Union Think about it— Can you simply let the southern states back into the U.S. without any requirements or conditions?

4 Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan
How would southern states be readmitted to the union? As quickly as possible! All southerners except for high-ranking Confederate leaders would be pardoned after taking an oath of allegiance to the U.S. When 10% of the voters had taken the oath of loyalty, the state could form a legal government and rejoin the U.S. (10% plan) The President would appoint provisional governors for each state

5 Lincoln’s Assassination
April 14, 1865 Lincoln was killed by John Wilkes Booth, so his plan was not enacted. Ironically, Booth did more harm to the South because now Lincoln could not protect them from the Radical Republican Congress.

6 Andrew Johnson’s plan General pardon for all except those owning more than $20,000 in property. (Those had to apply directly to the president.) He pardoned many former confederate leaders, but offered a reward for the capture of Jefferson Davis (because of pressure from Congress). Many new state governments were run by former confederates. He did nothing to stop Black Codes (laws passed in the South restricting the rights of freedmen)

7 Andrew Johnson’s plan States must write a new constitution.
After Congressional pressure from Radical Republicans: State must approve the 13th amendment abolishing slavery (Read the amendment, and see if you can find the loophole.) States must nullify their ordinance of secession States must promise not to repay those that had helped finance the Confederacy He appointed James Johnson as provisional governor of Georgia. (no relation, but Johnson had supported him in the election)

8 Congressional (Radical Republican) Plan
4 million slaves were suddenly free with no education, no land, no jobs Freedmen’s Bureau was created to help former slaves and poor whites by offering them clothing, food, legal aid, and other necessities. Later they focused on education 4,000 primary schools, 64 industrial schools, 74 teacher training schools Atlanta Baptist College (later Morehouse), and Clark College

9 Congressional Reconstruction (Radical Republican) Plan
They wanted to treat the South like conquered provinces requiring Congress to monitor the treatment of freedmen. (Wade-Davis Bill which Lincoln did not sign) They wanted to punish the South for the war and keep Democrats out of power They did NOT like Andrew Johnson Civil Rights Act of 1866 (passed over Johnson’s veto) Gave citizenship to African Americans and allowed the federal government to intervene any time civil rights were taken away from newly freed men and women. Required states to approve the 14th Amendment – granted citizenship to freedmen

10 GA refused to ratify the 14th!
Reconstruction Act of 1867 South was divided into 5 military districts Georgia was placed in the 3rd district with Florida and Alabama One of their main tasks was to register voters – all eligible black and white males who swore allegiance to the U.S. What political party are these newly registered black males likely to support?

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