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Plans for Reconstruction Chapter 12 Section 1

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1 Plans for Reconstruction Chapter 12 Section 1

2 Objectives Explain why a plan was needed for Reconstruction of the South. Compare the Reconstruction plans of Lincoln, Johnson, and Congress. Discuss Johnson’s political difficulties and impeachment. 2

3 The Southern Ruins homes were burned businesses closed
properties abandoned freed African Americans lacked full citizenship and the means to make a living Richmond, Virginia 3

4 to help the South rejoin the Union
to rebuild the South’s economy to protect freed African Americans A plan of Reconstruction for the South was formed. 4

5 Moderates Moderates- Moderate republicans wanted to keep Confederates out of the Gov’t. Favored giving some African-Americans the right to vote.

6 Radicals Radical Republicans wanted to give all African-Americans the right to vote.

7 Land Reform Land reform was the key to changing southern society.
Plantations must be broken up and distributed to freedmen.

8 Land reform never won wide support.
Some believed freedmen could be successful if given civil equality (no Black Codes).

9 They did not have full citizenship. They could not vote.
African Americans were freed from slavery, but their rights were not guaranteed. They did not have full citizenship. They could not vote. They did not have access to education. 9

10 Lincoln’s Ten Percent Plan
Lincoln and the Radical Republicans in Congress were at odds in their proposals to rebuild the South. Lincoln’s Ten Percent Plan Wade-Davis Bill 10 percent of state’s voters needed to take a loyalty oath a state’s new constitution must have abolished slavery required a majority of state’s prewar voters to swear loyalty to the Union required guarantees of African American equality vetoed by Congress passed by Congress, pocket vetoed by Lincoln 10

11 Freedmen’s Bureau Violence against African-Americans in the south united republicans. The Freedmen’s Bureau was established to help homeless and hungry former slaves.


13 The Freedmen’s Bureau set up schools, hospitals, and helped freedmen find jobs.
The Bureau was supposed to expire after 1 year, but the violence extended the life of the agency.

14 Johnson vetoed a bill to extend the life of the Freedmen’s Bureau.

15 President Andrew Johnson’s Reconstruction
He pardoned any Confederate who swore allegiance to the Union and the Constitution. Each Southern state needed to ratify the Thirteenth Amendment. 15

16 By December 1865, most southern states had met Johnson’s requirements for readmission to the Union.
During the required state conventions, however, southern states tried to rebuild their prewar world. All southern states instituted black codes. Many states specifically limited the vote to white men. Some states sent Confederate officials to Congress. 16

17 the Fourteenth Amendment.
The South’s disregard of Reconstruction efforts angered moderates and Radical Republicans. In response, Congress passed new legislation over President Johnson’s veto. The legislation included the Civil Rights Act of 1866. the Fourteenth Amendment. the division of the South into five military districts. 17

18 Civil Rights Act of 1866 The first civil rights act in the country.
The act declared everyone born in the US was a citizen, but it did not guarantee voting rights.

19 Johnson vetoed the bill.

20 14th Amendment The republican controlled Congress wrote the provisions of the Act into the 14th Amendment. The act gave equal citizenship to all people born in the US.

21 President Johnson continued to veto and work against congressional legislation.
Eventually, the House voted to impeach Johnson. Johnson’s opponents failed by one Senate vote to remove him from office. 21

22 Election of 1868 Republicans nominated war hero Ulysses S. Grant.
Democrats nominated NY governor Horatio Seymour Grant won in a close race.

23 15th Amendment This amendment gave African-Americans the right to vote. Still no vote for women.

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