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SEO for 2015 8 Trends to stay on Top Of. The Internet is a huge factor in how marketing is performed today, and keeping up with the latest SEO trends.

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1 SEO for 2015 8 Trends to stay on Top Of

2 The Internet is a huge factor in how marketing is performed today, and keeping up with the latest SEO trends is important to keeping your marketing edge Traditional push marketing is being replaced by more cost-effective inbound marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO) SEO drives targeted audiences to you Out bound marketing (push marketing) you are marketing to the masses and hoping you reach the right people (very expensive)

3 Here are 8 ways to help you increase YOUR SEO presence and grow your Organic leads business pillar 8 Ways to Win

4 1. Content is King – The Panda algorithmic updates have focused SERP (search engine results page) more on quality of content than keyword density Googles is now determining if the content is relevant to the search term instead of matching up words Your content should be more about sentences and phrases that support the keywords being searched for

5 Before Panda: You would heavily put the keywords into your content. Making sure that the keyword or words exactly matched that of the searcher “mortgage lender”, “home mortgage”, “mortgage”, home loan” After Panda: You need to be thinking of the semantical questions your audience is using to get the results they want

6 2. Social Signals Will Be Even More Important – The importance of connecting your site and social presence is greater than it ever has been Research is showing that social signals are boosting connected brands SERP rankings (SEO gurus call this Laddering) Laddering – when a search is made Google is looking for relevant content and matching it against a sites social profiles and producing results for sites with similar content receiving social engagement (the big indicator is shares)

7 If you have not done so already: Go to the class in the Daily mastermind Archive under the Search Engine Optimization header called “Use your Social Profiles for SEO”

8 3. Online Security Will Become More Important in Rankings Because your website deal with sensitive customer information (your online application) you must ensure you have the correct security certificate Contact your websites administrator and ask them to provide the security certificate information to you Googles algorithm is looking for https on sites that have web forms and is less likely to show your page in the results if it does not have a security certificate


10 4. Mobile-Friendly SEO will grow – Mobile internet use has now taken over the top rank from desk top internet use (May 2014) Google statisticians say there may be as many as 50 BILLION LOCAL searches on mobile devises in 2015 Responsive is the term used for a mobile friendly site However………

11 Responsive may not be the best design for your page or it’s content Take the time to view your site on your mobile device Is it easy to navigate? Is the content you are promoting prevalent? How long does it take to load on your mobile device? Some developers are using “hybrid” sites (some pages are responsive, some are not) A regular web page layout on a mobile may be better for some sites

12 5. Increased focus on conversations instead of keywords – Googles Hummingbird update was the single biggest change in the algorithm in Googles history It effectively changed the way SERP ranking occurred The focus of Hummingbird is on conversation, semantics and determining the intent of the searcher

13 You can no longer simply think of a keyword or words that someone may type into Google You must now think of the question your best target is asking, and answer that question with content That is not to say don’t use “Long tail Keywords” Long tail Keywords – a phrase or sentence describing what your content is about

14 Your Long tail Keywords need to be what you think your target is asking “how to buy a house in palm Harbor” “how to get a mortgage to buy a house” “buying a house that needs renovation” “how does a reverse mortgage work” In short, your SEO should be about having a conversation with the searcher

15 6. Link Building Will Focus on Brand Mentions – As you have learned in our SEO Knowledge class, “back links” plays a roll in SEO and has for a long time In the past it was a game of how many “back links” could you have connected to the site. The more you had the better your ranking The Panda update added some rules to that

16 Back links that have nothing to do with the site or content of the site now serve to DE-Rank a site Google does not look at how many links, rather are they relevant to what is being said In 2015 links and how they effect the algorithm are changing again Google is now looking to see is the link not only relevant, but does it come from a known Brand (authority) site

17 7. There Will Be More Visual-Based SEO – In 2014 quality, original content featuring visual media elements like graphics, images, and video are became high performing assets for the top-ranked web pages That trend is proving to grow and keep growing in 2015 Rich text with visual elements gets priority in SERPs over web pages with just text YouTube video embeds and links back to are leading the way in boosting SERP rankings

18 8. Say So Long to Keyword Rankings, and Hello to Return on Investment – So the focus of our SEO is no longer on how we rank for a specific Keyword If we create high quality original content that answers the question our target audience is asking, the ranking takes care of itself In 2015 you need to focus on “How is this content going to convert”

19 If your top-ranked web page doesn’t generate conversions and sales, that top ranking doesn’t matter Pay attention to how your content engages your audience What does your content have to convince people to take your action step

20 Those are the 8 important parts of SEO for 2015 Are you ready????

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