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Climates of the World. Summer Solstice Winter Solstice.

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1 Climates of the World


3 Summer Solstice

4 Winter Solstice

5 What is a rain forest? What is a “Tropical Rain Forest” climate? … this…. A place that is Rainy (80 inches each year) and an average temperature of 80º….

6 Tropical Rain Forest





11 Where can you find tropical rainforest?

12 The major tropical rain forests are found…. Tropic of Cancer Tropic of Capricorn Between the…

13 What is a savanna? What is a “Tropical Savanna” climate? …like this…. A savanna is usually very flat, with dry winters and hot, rainy summers and has few trees and shrubs…

14 Tropical Savanna

15 Serengeti Tropical Savanna is found in the Serengeti plains in eastern Africa. Boy, do I feel out of place! I hate digging in these piles to get a bug!

16 Where can you find “tropical savanna”?

17 Tropical Savanna map Tropical Savanna of the world. Tropic of Cancer Tropic of Capricorn Mostly between the…

18 One of the inhabitants of tropical rain forest and tropical savanna climate regions…


20 What is a desert? …like this… A hot or cold place where rainfall is less than or = 10” each year…

21 Desert Oasis

22 Antarctica…is a desert!

23 Where can you find “deserts” in the world?

24 Deserts Map Here is a map of the world’s deserts. Sahara

25 What is a steppe? What is a “Steppe” climate? …like this… A place that has hot summers, cold winters, and has dry, grassy plains with little or no trees…

26 Steppe

27 Steppe - Great Plains

28 Steppe is found Near Deserts and Interior of continents

29 What is marine west coast? What is “Marine West Coast” climate? …like this… A climate of cool summers and rainy winters from the ocean…

30 Marine West Coast



33 Marine West Coast was named for regions in the northern hemisphere…such as in western Europe and Seattle, Washington.

34 What is Mediterranean? What is “Mediterranean” climate? …like this… A climate named for the Mediterranean Sea (between Europe and Africa). It has mild, rainy winters and hot, sunny summers with short trees and bushes.

35 Mediterranean sea and climate

36 A map showing “Mediterranean” climate. Notice how it borders coasts.

37 What is humid subtropical? What is “Humid Subtropical” climate? …like this… A climate with short, mild winters and year-round rain.

38 Humid Subtropical

39 A map of “humid subtropical” climate. What is a common factor about the location of this climate?

40 What is Humid Continental? What is “Humid Continental” climate? …like this… A climate with 4 distinct seasons. Coniferous trees are more common than deciduous trees.

41 Humid Continental


43 A map showing “humid continental” climate areas of the world. Equator

44 What is subarctic? What is a “Subarctic” climate? …like this… A climate that is usually cold most of the year…

45 Subarctic

46 Subarctic climate borders the Arctic Circle

47 What is a tundra? What is a “Tundra” climate? …like this… A place that is very cold with small shrubs and moss and no trees…

48 Tundra

49 …uh, no, not this type of tundra…

50 Tundra

51 What is an ice cap? What is an “Ice Cap” climate? …like this…

52 Ice Cap

53 North Pole

54 Ice Cap (Antarctica) Oh boy…tourists!

55 Of course…this climate gets some snow…


57 What is a highland? What is a “Highland” climate? …like this… A climate with small trees, cool or cold temperatures due to the elevation of the mountains…

58 Highland (Mt. Everest)

59 Highland (Forest)

60 Highland & Humid Continental

61 This is a physical map of Africa. Can you find where “highland” climate would most likely be located? Equator

62 A fun activity in the mountains…


64 The End

65 Vertical Climate Zones

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