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What you need to know about breast cancer.. Print this bulletin board on pink paper and decorate with pink awareness ribbons.

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1 What you need to know about breast cancer.

2 Print this bulletin board on pink paper and decorate with pink awareness ribbons.

3 Don’t assume it can’t happen to You! Breast cancer impacts over 240,000 new patients a year in the United States alone. A woman is diagnosed with breast cancer approximately every three minutes and approximately every 12 minutes breast cancer claims another life. 70% of breast cancer cases occur in women who have no identifiable risk factors.

4 Just The Facts There is an estimated 40,600 deaths from breast cancer for next year. Breast cancer is the second highest cancer in women. Breast cancer also occurs in men. No one knows what causes some to have breast cancer and others to not. Lifestyle, personal history, and family history can increase your risks.

5 Additional Risk Factors If you never have children If you have children when you are 30 or older If you have menopause at 55 or older If you take Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Higher estrogen levels are strongly linked with susceptibility to breast cancer.


7 Three Step Procedure for a Self Exam Step Number 1: In the Shower Examine your breasts during bath or shower, hands glide easier over wet skin. Fingers flat, move gently over every part of each breast. Use right hand to examine left breast, left hand for right breast. Check for any lump, hard knot or thickening

8 Step Number 2: In the Mirror Inspect your breasts with arms at your sides. Next Raise your arms high overhead. Look for any changes in contour of each breast, a swelling, dimpling of skin or changes in the nipple. Then rest palms on hips and press down firmly to flex your chest muscles. Left and right breast will not exactly match - few women's breasts do. Regular inspection shows what is normal for you and will give you confidence in your examination.

9 Step Number 3: Lying Down To examine your right breast, put a pillow or folded towel under your right shoulder. Place right hand behind your head- this distributes breast tissue more evenly on the chest. With left hand, fingers flat, press gently in small circular motions around an imaginary clock face. Begin at outermost top of your right breast for 12 o'clock, then move to 1 o'clock, and continue around the circle back to 12. A ridge of firm tissue in the lower curve of each breast is normal. Then move in an inch, toward the nipple, keep circling to examine every part of your breast, including nipple. This requires at least three more circles. Now slowly repeat procedure on your left breast with a pillow under your left shoulder and left hand behind head. Notice how your breast structure feels. Finally, squeeze the nipple of each breast gently between thumb and index finger. Any discharge, clear or bloody should be reported to your doctor immediately.

10 Other Changes to Look For Sores or scaly skin Skin discoloration or dimpling Discharge or puckering of the nipple

11 What to Do Next If you find that you exhibit any characteristics that are abnormal or concern you (aside from normal menstrual lumpiness or retention of water), DON’T MESS AROUND. Go see your physician immediately for a clinical breast exam and other tests. While some abnormalities are usually benign, nothing is 100% and it's good to keep your doctor in the loop.

12 For More Information Women’s Information Network Against Breast Cancer: American Cancer Society's Breast Cancer Resource Center: Breast Cancer Action: Celebrating Life Foundation:

13 More Info (Cont) Department of Defense Breast Cancer Decision Guide: National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations: - the Breast Health Specialists:

14 More Information Locally ISU Student Health Promotions –812-237-3939 – ISU Student Health Center –812-237-3883 – Clara Fairbanks Center for Women –1505 N. 7 th St., Terre Haute, IN –812-238-7766 –XRLLK@UHHG.ORG

15 Susan G. Komen For The Cure One Promise Two Sisters – Wabash Valley Affiliate – Wabash Valley Race For The Cure –Saturday, October 6 th –Saint Mary of the Woods College –Race begins at 10:30 a.m. –More information: 812-535-5256

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