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The World of Hospitality

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1 The World of Hospitality
Public and Human Service Core J. Sugahara

2 Objectives: Explain importance of the hospitality industry
Describe the diversity of the hospitality industry Differentiate among the five segments and give an example of one business in each Describe the ways in which chains differ from franchisees Explain the purpose of professional organizations and career and technical student organizations

3 Essential Questions: What does “Hospitality” mean?
What does “Hospitality Industry” mean? What are the segments that make up the Hospitality Industry? What role does the Hospitality Industry play in Hawaii?

4 Hospitality Think-Pair-Share
What comes to mind when you hear the word “hospitality?”

5 Hospitality Comes from latin word hospes – host or guest
“Meeting the needs of guests with kindness and goodwill.” Hospitality Industry – provides services to people away from home. Food Lodging Travel Tourism Recreation Goal – make sure guests feel safe and happy using the products and services offered by the various business in h.i.

6 Hospitality: Size and Economic Impact
World’s LARGEST industry Has a major impact on national economies around the world In US alone: 14 million workers Travel agents, chefs, even planners, tour guides, park employees, etc. Generating more than $1 trillion each year Buy gifts, food, lodging, rent a car, entertainment See “How Tourism Dollars are Spent”

7 Hospitality is Diverse
Incredibly diverse Small business – large Variety of business within segments Clientele – various ages, cultures, religions, abilities Employees – various ages, cultures, religions, abilities

8 Hospitality is Complex
Made up of 5 segments, each segment contain various categories Food and Beverage Lodging Travel Tourism Recreation

9 Food and Beverage Businesses that prepare food and beverages for customers Aka foodservice industry Categories quick-service – McDonald’s Full-service – Olive Garden Street vendors – Hot Dog Cart, Food Trucks Carryout – Jamba Juice Cafeterias – your school cafeteria, hotels Many f.s. business located in another business – hotel, theater, mall, airport Largest and varied part of hosp. indus., nation’s leading employer

10 Examples of Food and Beverage Business in Hawaii
$$$$ - Duke’s Waikiki, Le Bistro, Alan Wong’s Restaurant $$$ - Sansei, House Without a Key, Stage $$ - Lucky Belly, The Pig and The Lady, Sweet Home Café, Side Street Inn $ - Liliha Bakery, Rainbow Drive-Inn, Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, Great Hawaiian Hot Dog,

11 Lodging A place to sleep for one or more nights Aka accommodation
Lodging industry – business that provide overnight accommodations, aka lodging property Categories: Hotels Motels Inns Bed-and-breakfast Hostel

12 Lodging Varies to meet needs of customer Hotels
Any price range and level of service Hotels Full-service Hotels Large – more than 2 stories high Provides many services such as luggage assistance, one or more restaurants, one or more bars/cocktail lounge, room service, meeting and banquet facilities, spa services, recreational facilities and concierge services HI Examples - Hilton Hawaiian Village, Sheraton Waikiki

13 Hilton Hawaiian Village

14 Lodging Convention Hotels – provide for special needs of conventions and trade shows Hawaii – Hawaii Convention Center –but no hotel Las Vegas – MGM, Nashville – Gaylord Opryland Luxury Hotels – highest level of amenities, service, room furnishings, public spaces and technology Hawaii – Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua (Maui), The Royal Hawaiian Hotel (Waikiki) Resort Hotels – caters to vacationer or leisure traveler, a place the provides entertainment, recreation, and relaxation Hawaii – Disney’s Aulani Hotel


16 Disney Aulani Resort

17 Lodging Limited Service Properties
1st limited service property - Motel 1-2 stories high, no interior corridors and no elevators Parking located close to rooms Minimal services, no f.s., bars or recreational facilities Now, medium level of service at midrange prices = limited-service hotels Might have word “Inn” as part of their name 3-4 stories tall Offers more services than a motel, but less than a hotel May offer continental breakfast, swimming pool Internet access, some have meeting rooms La Quinta Inns, Hampton Inns, Comfort Inns Tropicana Inn and Suites

18 Lodging, other Bed-and-Breakfast Hostel
Private home offering one or more guest rooms Include home-cooked breakfast HI – Manoa Valley Inn Hostel Inexpensive place to stay here sleeping rooms, bathrooms and kitchen facilities are shared Linens, toilet articles, housekeeping not provided HI

19 Manoa Valley Inn

20 Lodging Budget Hotels Aka economy hotels, budget motels, economy motels Lowest rates and least service Goal – clean, comfortable place to sleep at lowest rates Motel 6, Econolodge, HI – Aqua Aloha Surf and Spa

21 Reflection What kind of lodging would you choose to stay in? What qualities would you look for in your accommodations?

22 Travel Businesses that physically move travelers from one place to another Modes of Travel Car Rentals Taxi Ferry Train Bus Airlines

23 Travel Car Rentals Car rental agency – business that rents vehicles to travelers Commonly located at airports, hotels and downtown locations Why? Prefer over wear and tear that personal car may encounter Want to rent a different kind of vehicle (RV) HI – can’t drive to Hawaii Must have valid driver’s license, be 25 years old min. Agencies – Budget, Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, Dollar

24 Travel Taxicab/shuttle service Shuttle service Aka Taxi
Vehicle for hire, with a driver short distance between locations specified by rider or group of riders Fee determined by formula, based on distance and time traveled Commonly located at airport, hotels, trolling travel and business areas Shuttle service Destinations specified by shuttle company Fee predetermined or may be free service offered by hotel/business Commonly located at airport, hotel or entertainment destinations (Maui Diver’s)

25 Travel Ferry A boat that carries passengers and vehicles across bodies of water, between islands or between the mainland and islands Government run, charge reasonable rates Operate in scenic areas Some may be over night – cabins available HI – Hawaii Superferry



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