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Types of Foodservice.

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1 Types of Foodservice

2 What is Foodservice? A food and beverage business prepares, packages, serves, and sells or provides food for people to eat. These are also referred to as foodservice. Foodservice can be large or small. They can be found in hotels, cruise ships, schools, hospitals, airlines, trains, and even employee cafeterias.

3 Ways to Categorize Foodservice
Customers often categorize foodservice by: Price Self Service versus Sit Down The industry categorizes foodservice by: Commercial Institutional Foodservice within a consumer business

4 Commercial Foodservice
Consists of food and beverage businesses that compete for customers Olive Garden, McDonalds, Dunkin’ Donuts, Chilis, On the Border, etc. Can be categorized by: Quick Service Full Service Catering Hotel and Club

5 Quick Service Quick service restaurants provide customers with convenience, speed, and basic services at lower prices. Customers usually help themselves and carry their own food to their tables. They have fewer employees than other restaurants.

6 Quick Service Fast food restaurants generally have a counter where you place your order, pay for it, wait for it, pick it up, and either take it with you or carry it back to your table. Many have drive through service as well. Menu items can be prepared in 3-5 minutes and most have smaller dining rooms. Cafeterias are food services where food is displayed along a counter or serving line. Customers walk along the line and ask the server to serve them and then they carry their tray to the table.

7 Quick Service Buffets consist of food displayed on tables. Servers keep displays stocked with food and customers walk around and serve themselves, then take their food to the table. Carryout restaurants specialize in preparing food for customers to take with them to eat home or elsewhere. They may provide very little seating. These include delicatessens, grocery stores, and pizza places.

8 Full Service A full service restaurant is a restaurant in which customers are seated at a table, give their order to a server, and are served food at a table.

9 Full Service Fine dining restaurants emphasize the highest quality of service, ingredients, and atmosphere. There are many more employees per customer. These restaurants are usually smaller and have seatings at certain times. Most have professional chefs on staff.

10 Full Service Casual dining restaurants include all full service restaurants that are not in included in fine dining. Single Item Restaurants Family Restaurants Ethnic Restaurants

11 Full Service Single Item restaurants choose to specialize in a single item of food such as pizza, steak, pancakes, or seafood. They may serve other foods as well, but their focus is on a single food. Family restaurants cater to families and emphasize variety and comfort. They have extensive menus and usually offer comfort foods and traditional American dishes. Some have developed into chains.

12 Full Service Ethnic restaurants specialize in an ethnic cuisine. Examples include Italian, Chinese, Ethiopian, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Spanish, and Thai.

13 Catering Catering is a provision of food and service for a special event that usually involves feeding a large number of people at one time. Catering is often done for business events and social events. Catering can be divided into 2 types: On premise Off premise

14 Catering On premise catering takes place at the caterer’s place of business, such as a banquet hall with a kitchen, hotel, or restaurant. Off premise catering occurs when the event is help away from the caterer’s place of business, such as at churches, country clubs, picnics, businesses, and private homes.

15 Hotel and Club Foodservice
Hotels provide a variety of food and beverage services such as: Bar in the lobby Family style restaurant Elegant fine dining restaurant Sandwich service by the pool Room service Catering

16 Hotel and Club Foodservice
Private clubs were developed to meet the social and leisure needs of their members. Examples of clubs: Country, City, Yacht, Military, Health, Beach, etc. Membership is often invitation only and one must pay annual fees. Most clubs operate at least one dining room and have extensive catering facilities.

17 Institutional Foodservice
Institutional foodservice consists of foodservice provided to customers in an institution, such as a school, hospital, military, or prison.

18 School Foodservice Consists of meals that are served to students who attend school. It contributes to students health and well being to help students learn better.

19 Health Care Foodservice
Foodservice that takes place in hospitals, nursing facilities, and assisted care residences. Some are served in a customer’s room and some are served in a dining hall. It is important that the food served meets all the calories and nutrients that a patient needs to restore and maintain health.

20 Business Foodservice Foodservice provided in a business for the convenience of people who work at the business, such as an employee cafeteria in an office building or factory.

21 Foodservice Within a Business
A food and beverage business located in a consumer business. It is often offered as a convenience to the customer. Categorized by: Recreation Retail Transportation

22 Recreation Foodservice
Includes all foodservice offered as a part of a recreation business, such as sports arenas, zoos, movie theaters, and museums. Can range from fast food, to quick service, full service, and even fine dining.

23 Retail Foodservice Includes all foodservice offered as a part of a retail store or shopping center. Can be found in malls, individual retail stores, bookstores, grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores. Are mainly fast food restaurants, but some full service restaurants can be found in malls and shopping centers. Example: Food Courts and Rainforest Café in Grapevine Mills Mall

24 Transportation Transportation foodservice can be divided in 2 categories: Foodservice During Travel Airplane food, dining on long distance trains and foodservice on cruise ships Foodservice in the Station Restaurants in airports and railroad stations. Usually are quick serve, but some are not.

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