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Categories and Types of Hotels

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1 Categories and Types of Hotels
LODGING Categories and Types of Hotels

2 Classification of Lodging Properties
Price Function Location Particular market segment Distinctiveness of style, offerings, or amenities *It is important to remember that many types of hotels can fall into more than one category

3 Types of Lodging Properties Hotels Classified By Price
Budget Hotels: Room rates are the lowest for this type of lodging property. This type of hotel typically offer guestrooms only. There is little or no public space, no meeting or function space, and very limited food and beverage facilities, if any. Midscale Hotels: Room rates tend to be equal to or slightly above market area average. These hotels offer a wider range of facilities and amenities. There will be limited public space and meeting/function space with at least one food and beverage facility.

4 AN AN HOTEL Budget hotel

5 Bong Sen Midscale Hotel

6 Types of Lodging Properties Hotels Classified By Price
Luxury Hotels At the top of the price category are luxury hotels These properties offer a full array of services and amenities, such as: concierge service several food and beverage operations banquet facilities full room service recreational facilities


8 Types of Lodging Properties Hotels Classified by Function
Convention Hotels Large hotels often with 500 or more guest rooms They offer extensive meeting and function space Food and beverage operations tend to be extensive: several restaurants and lounges, banquet facilities, and room service Convention hotels are often in close proximity to convention centers and other convention hotels, providing facilities for citywide conventions and trade shows.

9 Types of Lodging Properties Hotels Classified by Function
Commercial Hotels These hotels cater to the business traveler In comparison to convention hotels, there is less public space and smaller meeting and function space, fewer food and beverage outlets, and limited recreational amenities. Many of these hotels tend to be located downtown or near airports to accommodate their target market segment

10 Types of Lodging Properties Hotels Classified by Location
Location can also be used as a criteria for categorizing lodging properties Examples of hotels categorized as such include: Downtown Suburban Highway/Interstate Airport

11 Downtown Hotels Downtown (City Center)…
Public transportation available for business or leisure Range of accommodations and services Typically have a signature restaurant

12 Suburban Highway Hotels and Motels
Prominent in the 1950s Easy access to roadways Park outside the room entrance Example Motel 6

13 Airport Hotels High occupancy due to location
Business, group, and leisure travelers Full service rooms Convenient location Airport shuttle service Economical pricing

14 Types of Lodging Properties Hotels Classified by Market Segment
Convention/Conference Centers Resorts Gaming/Casino Hotels Health spa Vacation ownership/Timeshare

15 Convention Hotels Meet the needs of large groups 500 plus rooms
Larger public areas to accommodate greater public demand Banquet areas within and around the hotel High percentage of double occupancy Full Service oriented

16 Resort Hotels Resorts… Originally began due to rail travel
“Captured Clientele” Food service is unique Diversified marketing mix Children Groups Eco-tourism

17 Characteristics of Casinos
Heavy growth segment Low room rates Subsidized food and beverage Themes are popular 500 plus guest rooms Variety of food operations Contains a gaming room

18 Major Trends in Casino Hotels
Casino Trends… Casino hotels are now marketing themselves as business hotels Amenities include business centers, travel bureaus, and room service Move towards “family/friendly” hotels This increases the average stay and money spent by families

19 Time Sharing Hotels Time Shares
A form of ownership or right to the use of a property. Multiple parties own rights to use the property and each is allotted a particular time (usually one or two weeks per year) to use the property. Properties tend to be located in highly desirable resort areas with many amenities

20 Types of Lodging Properties Other Hotel Classifications
All-Suite Hotels Bed-and-Breakfast Inns Boutique Hotels Hostels

21 All Suite Hotels Cater to guests for an extended period
Reduction in rate based on length of stay More space than typical hotel Examples Embassy Suites

22 Bed and Breakfast Inns A home away from home
Accommodation with an owner who lives on premises Maintains a few rooms Offers breakfast Personable and quick service

23 Boutique Hotels Small hotels with a special charm
Appeals to travelers who appreciate the unique Often provide special amenities to guests such as private tours or unusual decor

24 HOSTELS Appeal to young persons travelling on a budget. Rooms are usually shared or dormitory style. Very inexpensive.

25 Vertical Hotel Integration
A trend in the hotel industry in which companies offer different levels of properties under the same development company. Lodging companies meeting the needs of several types of guests based on price, facilities, and amenities.

26 VI Hotel Companies Starwood Hotels Marriott Hotels Hilton Hotels
Choice hotels which has several chains that meet its diverse clientele Luxury - Clarion Mid-scale - Quality Inn/Suites Budget - Comfort Inn Economy - Sleep Inn

27 Marketing Consortium Consortium… Also called referral organizations
Numerous independent properties unite to compete with the marketing power of chain operations Similar benefits as franchises at a lower cost Provides incentives for clients

28 Hotel Room Classifications
Suite – multiple rooms (bedroom, dining, living) Single – one bed sleeps one Double – one bed sleeps one or two Twin – two beds sleep two Triple – 2 to 3 beds sleep three Quad – 2 to 4 beds sleep four

29 What is in a name? Commonly used room descriptions: Standard Superior
Deluxe Suite Corner Suite

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