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4 Segments of Hospitality

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1 4 Segments of Hospitality
Chapter 1 – Part 1

2 Bellringer What do you think of when you hear the word Hospitality?

3 Hospitality Industry Hospitality – means meeting the needs of guests with kindness and goodwill. Hospitality Industry – Provides services to people away from home The services that help meet these needs include: Food Lodging (a place to sleep) Recreation Travel

4 Question: What is the difference between a service industry and a product industry? Service Industries – Tourism, Travel, Hospitality Product Industries – Textiles, cosmetics, construction,

5 Size and Economic Impact
The World Travel and Tourism Council states that Hospitality is the world’s LARGEST industry. It is expected to grow at a pace of 3.9% each year. In the US – More than 18 MILLION people work in the hospitality industry (approximately 1 in every 8 jobs) It is the SECOND largest employer, in the USA. (Healthcare is the largest)

6 The hospitality industry is VERY diverse!
The industry includes many types of BUSINESSES that are different from one another. Some are LARGE, some are SMALL. Some provide FOOD. Some provide a place to SLEEP. While others provide ENTERTAINMENT or TRANSPORTATION.

7 Food and Beverage Contains many different segments:
Quick service restaurants Full-Service restaurants Street vendors Carryout Cafeterias Catering

8 F&B Cont Much F&B is located inside other businesses.
i.e. Popcorn and drinks at the movie, café’s inside office buildings, restaurants inside schools, etc… 50% of all meals eaten in the US today are provided by the food and beverage industry!!! F&B is the largest and most varied part of the hospitality industry. It employs over 11 Million people and growing!!

9 Lodging Simply put – Lodging means a place to sleep.
These venues will provide overnight accommodations: Hotels such as: Marriott, Hilton, Motel 6, Hyatt Bed and Breakfasts

10 Recreation A place to relax and have fun!!
Recreation is different for everyone: Some like golf Other like rollercoasters Beach Properties Concerts Ball games Theater

11 Rec – cont The recreation industry consists of 4 types of businesses:
Entertainment Attractions Spectator Sports Participatory Sports

12 Travel and Tourism This segment contains 2 parts that are very closely connected: Travel Tourism

13 Types of Travel Pleasure Travel Business Travel

14 Travel Industry Travel Industry can also be called the Transportation Industry because it consists of businesses that physically move people from one place to another. Includes: Cars Bus Train Airplanes Ships

15 Tourism Industry Is made of businesses that promote travel and vacations. Travel agencies Tour operators Cruise companies Visitor Bureau Local and National Tourism Businesses

16 COMPLETE -VOCABULARY CHAPTER 1 Assignment: 4 Segments of Hospitality
Title Slide – “4 segments of hospitality” -name and period – Slide 1 – Food and Beverage -4 examples Slide 2 – Lodging – 4 examples Slide 3 – Travel and Tourism – 4 examples Slide 4 – Recreation – 4 examples Include pictures of each place – Include creativity!! Ex) transitions/sounds/slide design Include a descriptive sentence to explain each slide –

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