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Literary Analysis Body Paragraph #2

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1 Literary Analysis Body Paragraph #2
Of Mice and Men Literary Analysis Body Paragraph #2

2 Objectives Today I will...
Revisit my introduction paragraph in order to reflect on comments made. Identify key elements of my body paragraph #1 (quote sandwiches). Find and explain quotes for my body paragraph #2.

3 Introduction Comments
A few things I noticed while giving feedback: Of Mice and Men--Needs to be italicized or underlined. NOT IN QUOTES!! Be sure to provide author's name and title of book in sweeping summary: In John Steinbeck's novel, Of Mice and Men... Thesis statement needs to include your 3 key points.

4 Body Paragraph #1 Before handing this in, highlight the following with different colored markers: Topic Sentence Quote Sandwich #1 Quote Sandwich #2 Quote Sandwich #3 Remember, each quote sandwich includes a context sentence (or lead in), the quote, and the significance or the quote (the So What??).

5 Body Paragraph #2 Before starting this, revisit your web and thesis statement. What is your next point? What are your supporting details? What quotes should I use for each supporting detail? (remember, 3 quotes for each body paragraph)

6 Supporting Details/ Body Sentences
Remember to include the following for each "quote sandwich"... Context Sentence (leading in the quote) The Quote (what supports your detail?) Significance of Quote (how does this prove your point/thesis?)

7 Due Wednesday Body Paragraph #2 is due Wednesday.
Tomorrow we will work on Body Paragraph #3 which will be due on Thursday. REMEMBER: I am available in the a.m. or p.m. to conference with you regarding your papers. The only day I am not available this week is Thursday AFTER school.

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