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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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1 A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Essay Writing A Midsummer Night’s Dream

2 Essay Questions Essay questions will typically have two parts;
Describe Explain You already know how to write these kinds of paragraphs  You need to address both parts of the question in your answer.

3 Introduction Describe paragraph Explain paragraph Conclusion
Detailed Structure Introduction Describe paragraph Explain paragraph Conclusion

4 Introduction Introduce the text and author- remember the title should be underlined or in quotation marks. Use key words from the essay question. Introduce the main points you will make in your essay. We will write the framework for introduction for your first essay together.

5 Paragraph Structure Reminder
Statement- topic sentence which uses key words from the question and introduces your point Example- a quote from the text, remember to give context. Explanation- Explain how your evidence support your point Link- back to the question/to the wider world.

6 Describe Paragraph Your first body paragraph should describe whatever the question asks you about. That means that you should be using adjectives You must also provide evidence from the text to support your description- preferably a quote- but details from the text are also acceptable.

7 Explain Paragraphs You need to have two explain paragraphs. These paragraphs must discuss two different things. This is the part of your essay where you answer the second, “explain” half of the question.

8 Conclusion The point of a conclusion is to summarise your essay. You need to: Restate the points you have made in your essay. Use key words from the essay question. Conclude with a final statement about why the text is important, interesting or worth reading.

9 Our Essay Question Describe an important character in the text. Explain how the character helps you to understand a main idea in the text. Copy down the question and underline the key words.

10 Planning Before you start writing you need to plan your essay. Your plan should outline the points you will make in each paragraph and the evidence you will use.

11 Planning Your Essay You now need to write a plan for your essay.
Choose a character to describe- think of several ways you can describe them and record the evidence you will use. Think of TWO ways or things about the they they help you to understand. Record the evidence you will use to support these points.

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