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Literary Analysis Body Paragraph #3

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1 Literary Analysis Body Paragraph #3
Of Mice and Men Literary Analysis Body Paragraph #3

2 Objectives Today I will: Reflect on feedback from paragraph 1.
Identify quote sandwiches and topic/transition sentences in a partner's paper. Select and explain quotes that support my details for my body paragraph #3.

3 Reflecting on Body Paragraph #1
Some things I noticed while giving feedback to Body Paragraph #1: Remember, this is not just a summary of the plot. You are PROVING something. Okay, so Lennie is a character--- you need to prove something about Lennie's character. Lennie is a static character throughout the novel because.... Be sure you are putting quotes into your paper correctly "Lennie hit the puppy" (69). Be sure you have a topic sentence for each body paragraph and you also lead out of each body paragraph to help with transitions. Be sure you are introducing and explaining each quote and transitioning in between each quote sandwich.

4 Body Paragraph #2 Before handing this in, have a partner highlight the following with different colored markers: Topic Sentence Quote Sandwich #1 Quote Sandwich #2 Quote Sandwich #3 Remember, each quote sandwich includes a context sentence (or lead in), the quote, and the significance or the quote (the So What??).

5 Body Paragraph #3 Before starting this, revisit your web and thesis statement. What is your next point? What are your supporting details? What quotes should I use for each supporting detail? (remember, 3 quotes for each body paragraph)

6 Supporting Details/ Body Sentences
Remember to include the following for each "quote sandwich"... Context Sentence (leading in the quote) The Quote (what supports your detail?) Significance of Quote (how does this prove your point/thesis?)

7 Due Thursday Body Paragraph #3 is due tomorrow, 11/14
We will work on the conclusion tomorrow and it will be due on Friday. I will be doing final check-ins with you on Friday. REMEMBER: You have limited time to come in and work with me before or after school on your paper.

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