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Of Mice and Men Literary Analysis Body Paragraph #1.

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1 Of Mice and Men Literary Analysis Body Paragraph #1

2 Objectives Today we will: 1. Identify the four parts of an introduction paragraph by highlighting before handing them in. 2. Find quotes to support thesis statement as we write body paragraph #1. 3. Understanding the parts of body paragraph #1 as we go over these in class.

3 Introductions With 2 markers: o Highlight the four parts of your introduction paragraph and label each part.  Attention-Getter/Lead in  Sweeping Summary  Transition Sentence  Thesis Statement o Once you have done this, please turn them in.

4 Body Paragraph #1 There are a few key parts to a body paragraph. These include: o Topic Sentence o Supporting Detail/Body sentences  Context Sentence  The Quote  The Significance of the Quote Note: You will have 3 supporting detail/body sentences, 3 quotes, and 3 significance of quotes sentences in your body paragraph. 1 for each detail.

5 The Topic Sentence Revisit your 1-3-3 web or intro paragraph to see which detail comes first. Use transitional words if you need help, but be sure to be creative! Example: o Lennie's hopes came true when a ranch hand gave him a puppy, but the experience loss when it died.

6 Supporting Detail/Body Sentence Use one of the three details from your 1-3-3 web in each of the support sentences. Be sure to make a quote sandwich for each supporting detail/quote: Your supporting sentences should be structured like this: o Context sentence o Quote o Significance of quote These three things are also known as a "quote sandwich"

7 Context Sentence Explain where/when the quote/example occurs in the story and who is the speaker of the quote: o Lennie spent almost all of his free time with his new puppy. One day when he was playing with the puppy, he started bouncing it too hard. Lennie ended up killing the dog.

8 Quote Punctuate the quote correctly and put the page # in parentheses before the period: o "why do you got to get killed? You ain't so little as a mice. I didn't bounce you that hard" (85).

9 Significance of Quotes Explain HOW the quote PROVES/SHOWS the main idea of the paragraph; be sure to relate the quote to your thesis as well: o Lennie had the hope that he would be able to take care of something and not harm it. He wasn't aware of his strength and ended up killing his puppy just like the other mice. This, in turn, shows how he lost his hope of taking care of something to prove his responsibility.

10 Continue Supporting Detail/Body Sentences Continue these steps: o Context Sentence o Quote o Significance of Quote You should have 3 quotes in each body paragraph--- so, 3 quote sandwiches.

11 Due Tuesday A typed draft of your Body Paragraph #1 Tomorrow we will work on Body Paragraph #2 which will be due on Wednesday.

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