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Priors Mill C.E Primary School ‘Welcome to Reception’

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1 Priors Mill C.E Primary School ‘Welcome to Reception’

2 Pack

3 Practical Details We do ask that you keep us informed regarding adults who will be collecting your child. Please complete the form in welcome pack.

4 Medical Matters Medical/Allergy Card Full Name - D.O.B - Information Medication required Medication Stored in school In case of emergency contact

5 Parent/School shared information We value any information regarding your child that you as parents can provide or any additional or previous child care setting. Parent to School shared Information Name of child D.O.B Other setting attended prior to school/Nursery No setting attended Setting attended Duration 2year check completed Name of Key person Contact I grant permission for the settings to share information regarding my child. Before & after school/Nursery care My child will be attending: Contact Number: I grant permission for the settings to share information regarding my child Please notify school of any changes. Toileting Independent Requires support Currently training Additional Information My child’s language and communication skills My child is chatty and talkative My child is shy until familiar My child has speech/language difficulties My child is receiving/has received speech therapy Additional Information Snacks I grant permission for my child to join in with: Food tasting sessions Baking sessions Daily fruit Milk Additional Information

6 Transition to School

7 Taster Session We are looking forward to meeting the children on (am) Tuesday 7 th July or (pm) Wednesday 8 th July. Organisation for the day Children are to be dropped off and collected from nursery in the usual manner. Reception staff will collect and return the children to nursery. For families who are new to our school you will have an additional letter in your pack regarding the visit to school.

8 School lunch Many children have already had the opportunity to sample a school lunch and we hope this was enjoyable. For families new to the school there is a letter regarding an opportunity to visit for lunch in your pack.

9 School Lunch School lunch is served Cuthbert Hall. (As from September the Government will be offering Universal free school meals for all children in Reception and KS1.) We operate a sticker system at lunch time (Menu and choices) Packed Lunch - we do ask that packed lunches are healthy with no chocolate bars, nut products or fizzy drinks.

10 Starting School! All children will be are provided with a start time for Wednesday 2 nd September, this will be given to your child on the taster session. Please come into school (via the Learning Garden) and help your child put their belongings away in their class base. Feel free to stay and settle your child on the carpet before saying your goodbyes. Start times and home time will be staggered initially.

11 Entry to school - 8.40am Children are dropped off in the learning garden which is situated to the front of school. A member of staff will be at the door to great the children.

12 End of the school day - 3pm Children are dismissed into the learning garden at the end of the school day. Please ensure that any additional adults who collect your child have your child's unique password.

13 Uniform Our School Uniform is : Red sweatshirt or cardigan White polo shirt Navy jogging bottoms/leggings Black school shoes (no boots indoors) Gingham dress in the summer (red) Our P.E Uniform is : Black shorts Black t-shirt Black plimsolls ALL MARKED CLEARLY WITH NAMES PLEASE!

14 Things your child will need Book bag Water bottle P.E kit Named wellies (to stay at school) We do ask that children do not bring any toys or personal belongings to school unless directly linked to our topic/author.

15 Additional Information

16 Assessment An initial baseline assessment will be made within the first 4 weeks of your child entering school. Throughout Reception observations of your child’s achievements are made and collected. (Please complete the request for a current email address in order for you to receive updates regarding your child.)

17 Medical Matters Any sickness, diarrhoea, must be followed by 48 hours absence. Any absence requires a telephone call to the office and we ask that you do so before 9.30am. This is to be followed by a letter once your child returns to school. Only prescribed medicines that need to be administered 4 times a day can be administered by the school. We ask that you complete a medicine form which is available from the main office.

18 In General We operate an open door policy and are always pleased to see any parents or carers requiring information or advice. We hope you and your child will be very happy here and we are looking forward to sharing your child’s achievements with you. Please feel free to have a look in the classrooms and Learning Garden before you leave.

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