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Foundation Stage Nightingales and Bluebirds Welcome Evening.

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1 Foundation Stage Nightingales and Bluebirds Welcome Evening

2 Welcome and introductions BLUE ROOM Nightingales: Miss Wood & Mrs Davis YELLOW ROOM Bluebirds: Miss Giles & Mrs Crittenden And: Mrs Richards, Mrs Shaw, Mrs Fountain Mrs Sommers, Mrs Palmer, Mr Yates & Mrs New

3 Routines and independence The children are beginning to remember where their belongings go: Snacks into drawers Snacks into drawers Water bottles in the box Water bottles in the box Hang coats on their pegs Hang coats on their pegs Book bags in the book bag boxes Book bags in the book bag boxes Lunchboxes on the trolley Lunchboxes on the trolley The children also move their name card to show if they are having a packed lunch or hot school dinner. Please encourage the children to do as many of these tasks as independently as possible.

4 Routines and independence Look out for Mrs New’s weekly newsletter on Wednesdays. We will put out a newsletter on Fridays, called our Learning at Home: Messages, requests and notes Information about our learning focus for the following week and how you can support your child at home No need to return, but we love to read your comments The children collect their post from their post boxes as they get ready to go home. If you do not receive one, please look there, or ask a member of staff.


6 Learning at Home Based on parents as first teachers Rewarding all learning taking place – not just learning at school Teaching lifelong skills Nurturing learning power – critical thinking, problem solving, independence Booklet for ideas and information

7 Learning Log Project book for recording learning at home Task to focus on, with return date Share learning together Be creative Record in any way you wish Celebrate and share at school

8 Autumn Term Teaching Overview All based around ‘Here I Am’

9 Weekly Timetable Our general weekly timetable gives an overview of each day. We do not stick rigidly to times and go with the flow of the children.

10 Learning sessions Informal sessions encouraging free flow play indoors and outside Range of games and activities linked to Early Years Curriculum Whole class & group activities led by staff Introducing adult led tasks Daily phonics session involving songs and games including our THRASS resources Daily Mathematics session with rhymes, songs and games

11 Reading at home and at school Home readers (orange book) –Bring every day –Short comments appreciated –Communication between learning at school and home –Reinforce reading skills; just enjoy listening or sharing books together –Learning to read will come more naturally if children are immersed in books Our aim is to get children interested in reading and to share a book everyday. We will guide children to choose books at an appropriate level when they begin to read.

12 P.E. P E –Monday –No jewellery and hard head bands –Long hair tied back –Shorts and T-shirt –Plimsolls/Trainers as weather gets warmer; we’ll let you know when we plan sessions outside –Spare socks, jumper and jogging bottoms for outdoor activities –Wellington boots, a light rain coat and waterproof trousers would also be useful for our outdoor activities PLEASE NAME IT!

13 Other points Please name ALL clothes –PE kit –Uniform –Coats & shoes –Jumpers/cardigans –Gloves, hats and scarves! Money –Clearly labelled envelope: Name Class Amount Purpose

14 Other points Afterschool clubs –Handed over to leaders by staff –If in school hall, e.g. drama, please collect from front door by main office Toys in school –Friday –Small enough to fit in their pocket/drawer –Showing and sharing relevant to weekly learning

15 Other points Medication –Please let us know if your child develops an allergy that we need to be aware of –If your child is prescribed medication, please complete a form at the school office giving permission for this to be administered at school Toileting –Steps available –Encourage independence –Changes of clothes available –Please let us know about any issues; care plans will be put in place for children who need regular intimate care

16 Other points Helpers –If you are brave enough to help on a regular basis or as and when you can just let us know Listening to readers Resources preparation Filing Displays School trips Any other special talents?!

17 Questions? Feel free to see us any day after school… We’re here to help!

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