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NURSERY Staff Typical Day The Curriculum Your Support Visit & Questions.

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2 NURSERY Staff Typical Day The Curriculum Your Support Visit & Questions

3 RECEPTION: Term Begins The Autumn term begins on Thursday 3 rd September 2015. Children will come in for just 2 sessions initially, on Thursday 3 rd and Friday 4 th September. The younger children for the morning and older children the afternoon. The following week they will attend for the morning and lunch.

4 First Day Come in through the main doors and walk your child down to their classroom. Bring book bag, PE kit, packed lunch (if needed), named water bottle, and a bag of spare uniform. You don’t need: pencil case or toys.

5 A Typical Day In Reception Doors open at 8.30am Register Phonics carpet session Independent activities Breaktime Maths Independent activities Literacy Lunchtime Carpet Time/Topic work Independent activities Handwriting Assembly Hometime

6 School Uniform PLEASE name EVERYTHING! Even shoes! In Reception we have an Outdoor/Indoor curriculum so please can your child always have a coat (preferably a waterproof one with a hood). PE – we do PE at least once a week. Please leave this at school throughout the week.

7 Support At Home Each child will have a Communication Diary and a Reading Record Book which will go home. As a school we ask you to practise 4 times a week for 5 minutes. Every week they will bring home a ‘hook sheet’ detailing what we will be doing the following week and how you can help at home. The children will also have a ‘Learning Journey’, which stays at school. We encourage you to add to this throughout the year.

8 Parent Teacher Interviews First meeting in October, second in February. General day to day information share in mornings/end of day. Concerns which require a longer chat, please ask for an after school meeting.

9 Golden Rules Do be gentle don’t hurt anybody. Do be kind and helpful don’t hurt people’s feelings. Do be honest don’t cover up the truth. Do work hard don’t waste time. Do look after property don’t waste or damage things. Do listen to people don’t interrupt.

10 Things we would like most children to be able to do before Reception: Go to the toilet independently. Be able to put PE kits on and off. Attempt to write their name with an upper case initial letter and all the rest lower case. Recognise their own name. Count to 10 When talking about letters, please say a (apple), b (ball), c (cat).

11 Important Diary Dates Transition Sessions: Tuesday 14 th July AM, Wednesday 15 th July PM. Phonics – Writing & Reading Meeting.

12 Any Questions?

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