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What side had a greater population during the Civil War?

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1 What side had a greater population during the Civil War?

2 North

3 What side had more factories when the Civil War began?

4 North

5 What was the Northern plan for victory in the Civil War?

6 Anaconda Plan 1. Blockade Southern coast 2. Control the Mississippi R. 3. Capture Richmond Chain Saw Seize

7 What was the Southern Plan for victory during the Civil War?

8 Fight a defensive war and hope for help from Europe

9 Who was the President of the Confederacy during the Civil War?

10 Jefferson Davis

11 Who was the President of the United States during the Civil War?

12 Abraham Lincoln

13 What city was the capital of the Confederacy?

14 Richmond, Virginia

15 Who was the most successful Union general during the war?

16 Ulysses S. Grant

17 Who was the most successful general in the South?

18 Robert E. Lee

19 What Union general marched through Georgia to the Sea?

20 William Tecumseh Sherman

21 What battle showed both armies that they needed much training?

22 1 st Battle of Bull Run

23 What battle became known as the ‘Turning Point of the Civil War”

24 Gettysburg

25 What nickname was given to General Thomas Jackson?

26 Stonewall Jackson

27 What 2 metal clad ships met in an historical battle?

28 Monitor vs. the Merrimack

29 What battle gained control of the Mississippi River for the Union soldiers?

30 Vicksburg

31 What was the original reason that Lincoln declared war against the Confederacy?

32 Save the Union

33 What statement by Lincoln freed the slaves found in the Confederacy?

34 Emancipation Proclamation

35 What was the most famous African- American military unit in the war?

36 54 th Massachusetts

37 What reason did Lincoln give for fighting the war after the Emancipation Proclamation?

38 Free the slaves

39 What killed the most soldiers in the war?

40 diseases

41 Billy Yanks refers to soldiers from which army?

42 North

43 The most deadly prison camp was found in Georgia and was called…

44 Andersonville

45 People in the North who wanted to work out a compromise to end the war were called…

46 copperheads

47 What was it called when both armies forced people to serve in the war?

48 draft

49 How did upset people respond to the draft in New York City?

50 Draft riots

51 Inflation hit which side in the conflict?

52 Both sides

53 What side was hit most hard with shortages during the war?

54 South

55 Which army benefited economically during the war?

56 North

57 How did Lincoln honor the dead at Gettysburg?

58 Gettysburg Address

59 What was it called when civilian supplies as well as soldiers were destroyed during the war?

60 Total war

61 Who won the United States Presidential election in 1864?

62 Abraham Lincoln

63 Where did Lee surrender his army at?

64 Appomattox Courthouse

65 What is the bloodiest war in the history of the United States in terms of the number of Americans killed?

66 Civil War

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