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The American Civil War.

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1 The American Civil War

2 The Civil War Civil War is a war between the people living in the same country For the United States the war was between people living in the South and people living in the North North vs South The Union vs The Confederacy States of America Took place from

3 The Union vs Confederate States of America

4 Three Stages (parts) of the American Civil War
1. Growing unrest The two sides begin to not like each other 2. The War Fighting takes places Many battles 3. Reconstruction Reforming the United States Putting the country back together

5 Growing Unrest Time period before Civil War
The North and South were having a hard time getting along The North and the South disagreed with each other Divided on many issues Could not agree on many things

6 Events that the North and the South to not like each other
The Missouri Compromise The Compromise of 1850 The Fugitive Slave Act Uncle Tom’s Cabin The Kansas-Nebraska Act The Dred Scott Decision John Brown’s Raid The Election of Abraham Lincoln

7 The War The Southern States seceded (left the United States of America) Named their new country the Confederate States of America

8 The South fired upon (shot) at the Union fort called Fort Sumter in South Carolina
This event started the war Artist panting of firing on Fort Sumter Fort Sumter today – it is a museum

9 Fought in two theaters (parts of the country)
The East and the West Most fighting done in the East During the first two years the union was most successful in the West Western Eastern

10 Fought between the two armies
The Army of the Potomac was the name for the Northern Army The Army of Virginia was the name for the Southern Army Blue uniforms Grey uniforms

11 Billy Yank Northern Soldier
The Soldiers Billy Yank Northern Soldier Johnny Reb Southern Soldier

12 Strengths and Weaknesses
North South Strengths More factories More people Larger extensive Railroad system Greater food production First rate generals – at beginning of the war Highly motivated soldiers fighting for their way of life Fighting on home grounds Shenandoah Valley Weakness Fighting on “foreign” soil Not the best generals – at first Little to no industry Small population Limited railroad system Lacking in food production

13 Important Battles 1. Battle of Manassas 2. Battle of Antietam
3. Battle of Gettysburg 4. Battle of Vicksburg Sherman’s March to the Sea 5. Appomattox Court House

14 Battle of Manassas/Bull Run
First battle in the Civil War Called the Picnic Basket Battle

15 Antietam Battle fought in Maryland in 1862
Bloodiest battle in the Civil War Lincoln Issued the Emancipation Proclamation Free all slaves living in states still in rebellion against the Union Gave the Union its second goal – free the slaves

16 Gettysburg Three day battle in Pennsylvania in 1863
Turning point of the war The North is going to start to win the war

17 Vicksburg Union defeats the Confederacy
Union controls Mississippi River South is cut into two parts

18 Sherman’s March to the Sea
Union General Sherman walked his men from Atlanta Georgia to Savannah Georgia Destroyed everything the Confederate Army could use to fight the war

19 Appomattox Court House
Confederate General Lee surrendered to Union General Grant

20 Strategy for Fighting the War
North Goal: Keep the country together Capture the city of Richmond, Virginia (South’s capital) Anaconda Plan Blockade the Southern coast – the South would not be able to get weapons and supplies it needed to fight the war Divide the South into two parts by control the Mississippi River. This way the South would be spilt in two and would not be able to use the river to move supplies Invade the South – Union troops would invade the South to force them to surrender

21 I am so tired. I am worn down from this war.
South Goal: Win their independence War of Attrition (wear down the North) Make the war last as long as possible Capture the Washington DC Get help from foreign nations I am so tired. I am worn down from this war.

22 Reconstruction Now that the war is over how is the country going to be put back together? How are the Southern states going to rejoin the United States of America? What was going to happened to the slaves who were now free?

23 Important People

24 President Abraham Lincoln
President of the United States of America during the Civil War Great Leader

25 General Ulysses S. Grant
General of the Union Army during the Civil War Army of the Potomac

26 General Robert E Lee General of the Army of Virginia Hero in the South

27 William T Sherman Union General Lead the “March to the Sea”
Total Destruction

28 John Wilkes Booth Famous actor Killed Abraham Lincoln after the war
At Fords Theater

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