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Chapter 1 Lesson 5 North vs. South (Union vs. confederacy)

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1 Chapter 1 Lesson 5 North vs. South (Union vs. confederacy)
The Civil War ( ) Chapter 1 Lesson 5 North vs. South (Union vs. confederacy)

2 The War Between the States
North in 1861 Advantages Population Industrialization Transportation Food Disadvantages “Away Team” Leadership

3 Northern Advantages Population – Slave/Free pop. 1861

4 Northern Advantages Industrialization – over 80% of U.S. Factories

5 Northern Advantages Transportation – 22,000 miles of railroads (South=only 9,000 miles)

6 Northern Advantages Food Production & Overall Resources (population, land, trans.)

7 Northern Disadvantages
Leadership – best Generals (Robert E. Lee) in South

8 Northern Disadvantages
“Away Team” – Have to invade & CONQUER the south

9 Southern Advantages “King Cotton” – Foreign powers relied on cotton (1/5 of British citizens were employed in cotton related industries)

10 Southern Advantages “Home Team” – defend territory

11 Southern Advantages Leadership – Better leaders; ROBERT E. LEE (Lincoln wanted him to lead Union troops – He declined to stay with Virginia) “Stonewall” Jackson Robert E. Lee James Longstreet

12 Southern Advantages Motivated Soldiers – fighting to preserve society in the South

13 Southern Disadvantages

14 Southern Disadvantages

15 Southern Disadvantages
Industry – first factory built 1845; very far behind North in industry (Graniteville Textile Comp. , Richmond, VA)

16 Strategies North Force Surrender Anaconda Plan Through attrition
Control Miss. River Blockade Ports Control Richmond, VA

17 Anaconda Plan

18 Strategies South Defend Territory –
Hopefully Yankees will give up fighting after a while Win foreign recognition from France or Britain (because of Cotton trade) Motto – “With God as Our Vindicator”

19 Theatres of War WEST EAST
All battles fought West of Appalachian mountains to MS river EAST All battles fought East of App. Mountains

20 Armies UNION CONFEDERACY Army of the Potomac Armies named after rivers
Army of Northern Virginia Armies named after states

21 FIGHTING 1st Battle of Bull Run (1st Battle of Manassas)=first battle of the Civil War 4,878 casualties – each side realized it would be a long fight

22 ANTIETAM Battle of Antietam Creek – Sep. 17, 1862
Bloodiest single day in American history – 23,000 casualties

23 Emancipation Proclamation
After Union victories in 1862, Lincoln decides to issue the Emancipation Proclamation Does not free any slaves, because it only accounted for slaves in Confederate states still in rebellion


25 Three Turning points of Civil War
1863 – Year the “tide turned” for North 1) Gettysburg, PA Turned Robert E. Lee back south. He would never invade the North again. 2) Vicksburg, Ms U.S. Grant wins. Union now has full control of the Mississippi River. 3) Chattanooga, TN The Union Army wins; The deep South is open to invasion. William T. Sherman can wage TOTAL WAR on the South.

26 Gettysburg

27 GETTYSBURG Casualties

28 VICKSBURG Gen. Ulysses S. Grant takes control of the Mississippi River


30 TOTAL WAR William T. Sherman leads Union troops on his “MARCH TO THE SEA” Wages “TOTAL WAR” Destroys South’s will to fight Burns and destroys major Georgia cities Turns North toward Richmond, VA

31 FINAL DAYS Gen. Robert E. Lee attempts to defend Virginia in …cannot do it

32 Surrender Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered to Gen. U.S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse – April 9, 1865

33 Casualties

34 Casualties

35 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
April 14, 1865 Killed by John Wilkes Booth

36 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

37 Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

38 The Assassins

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