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Babies and Babes Gender socialization.

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1 Babies and Babes Gender socialization

2 Women are made, not born Sex vs. Sexuality vs. Gender
Social Construction Gender: women & femininity Sex: female

3 Sex The biological aspects of a person; male or female
Does biology determine behavior? The way we understand sex is socially constructed

4 Sexuality biological, behavioral and political components involved in personal attraction Complex and changes over lifetime

5 Gender The socially learned & observable behaviors and expectations associated with male and female masculinity and femininity Gender “performance” changes throughout time & culture Race, class and sexual orientation all impact one’s gender performance

6 Socialization The process by which we learn the norms of the culture and acquire a sense of self or personality How we learn to perform masculinity and femininity

7 Social Construction of Gender
Process by which the expectations associated with being male and female are passed on through society Sex Category Gender Status Naming, dress, activities

8 Gender Identity Gendered sense of self
Gender is the most important thing we feel we need to determine about a person

9 Gender Ranking The basis for sexism
The valuation of one gender over another Male over Female The valuation of one performance of a specific gender over another Madonna over whore Young over old White angel over black mammy

10 Femininity & Women The social environment places constraints on individuals’ bodies & behaviors Femininity is based on binary aspects that create a narrow path for appropriate behavior Current definitions of femininity emphasize “superwoman”, which leaves majority with feelings of inferiority

11 The Social Construction of Sex
How many sexes and genders do exist? How can we discuss gender and sexual diversity when all the mechanisms of legal and extralegal render transgendered and intersexed lives invisible?

12 Atypical Gender Differentiation
Variables of gender Chromosomal gender Prenatal hormonal gender Prenatal and neonatal brain hormonalization Internal organs External genital appearance Pubertal hormonal gender Assigned gender Gender identity

13 Brain Differentiation
Evidence indicates that differences exist between human male and female brains Shape Functioning These differences may develop after birth rather than prenatally “Embodiment” Environment HormonesOrgansBeing

14 Variability Within Gender Is Larger Than Mean Difference Between Genders.

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