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Gender Stereotypes and Sexuality

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1 Gender Stereotypes and Sexuality
Defining it all Gender Stereotypes and Sexuality


3 Gender Identity A person's sense of self, with respect to being masculine, feminine, or somewhere in between. Gender identity is different from sex (male or female), sexual orientation (who you are attracted to), and may be different than birth assignment. Gender can be understood to be fluid and changing rather than static and fixed, and as a continuum with stereotypically male and female attributes at each end of the spectrum.

4 Gender Expression How you choose to express yourself to the world. Not always the same as identity.



7 Please note: It is important to note that it is up to each individual to identify themselves where they fit (or don't fit) within the LGBTTIQQ2SAA spectrum. Sometimes people change their minds on how they want to be referred to and sometimes the definitions change. Never assume!

8 Transgender

9 Definition: Transgender
Individuals who feel their gender does not match their assigned sex, and who may consequently perform a gender other than that which corresponds to their sex. Also an umbrella term to describe individuals who fall outside of traditional and binary (male/female) gender categories or norms.

10 Transexual

11 Definition: Transexual
A person who experiences a mismatch between their gender identity and the biological sex they were assigned at birth, and who might change or want to change their body. This may involve large changes such as surgery and hormone therapy, or smaller (but just as tedious) changes such as change to clothing or change of their name.

12 Intersex

13 Definition: Intersex People born with atypical sexual characteristics making it difficult to assign them a clear sex.

14 Two-Spirited

15 Definition: Two-spirited
Aboriginal people who possess the sacred gifts of the female-male spirit, which exists in harmony with those of the female and male. They have had traditionally respected roles within most Aboriginal cultures and societies, and may also identify as being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

16 Ally

17 Definition: Ally An ally is someone who does not identify within the previous definitions but personally advocates for equal rights and fair treatment for those individuals.

18 No Gender

19 Definition: No Gender The state of having no gender identity, regardless of physical sex. Genderless people may or may not pursue hormone replacement therapy and/or surgery. They usually want people to refer to them with gender neutral pronouns, instead of he or she.

20 Cisgender & Cissexual

21 Definition: Cisgender
A gender identity that is in harmony with the socially recognized biological sex of and individual.

22 Definition: Cissexual
A person whose mental gender and physical sex are an always have been aligned (a female woman, a male man).

23 Gender Queer

24 Definition: Gender Queer
A (relatively) new word for those who identify themselves outside of the typical gender binary, but do not (always) wish to be identified as trans.

25 Stereotypes So how are these gender stereotypes reflected in popular culture?

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