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Medical School Applications and Information Services Mary Hill November 1, 2011.

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1 Medical School Applications and Information Services Mary Hill November 1, 2011

2 Purpose In order to support the educational, research and clinical missions of the Medical School, the staff of MS-AIS: Develop and maintain applications fulfilling user specified needs Provide a data warehouse encompassing external and internal data Provide data analysis, reporting and business intelligence services Assist users and enhance functionality provided by vendor supplied applications

3 Products and Services Over 90 web applications built here… –M-Stat/M-Dash –M-ACE –M-Train –M-Inform –M-Space –Faculty Profile –Medical Student Portfolio –Medical Student Information –Evaluation Reporting System –more……

4 Products and Services Vendor supplied applications: –SciVal –Sirius –JIRA –eThority interfaces –Questionmark –Arcadia interfaces –more….

5 Products and Services Over 250 reports (179,000+ executions) Quality Management Program Data warehouse encompassing….


7 Customers Main focus : Health System faculty, staff and students Campus-wide and general public usage Interface with ITS, MCIT, MICHR and other administrative units such as OVPR, Library, and Campus Facilities…and others

8 Staffing Trends Historically, staff have increased based on MSA requests Currently replacing 5 positions – backfilled QMP and replacements No plans for future growth ACE MRECRUIT M-CV QMPConsultingProduct Development Support

9 Current Tactical Initiatives Currently: Huge support needs Project requests are greater than available resources Disjointed applications and processes 10 year old applications

10 …. "If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got." (Anon) “We don’t want what we always got”….. So we are changing drastically!

11 Current Tactical Initiatives Moving towards visibility: Support process Project portfolio –Who is doing what –What projects are on deck –Allow governance

12 Current Tactical Initiatives Do more with less - how? 1.Develop strategies which cross boundaries –Educational strategic initiatives –Faculty Profiles –Tableau, Informatica 2.Partner, partner, partner…. 3.Agile development techniques FIGS  Orange Card 4.Improve our skills! 5.Deliver data differently to….. Transform the way we do business!

13 Current Tactical Initiatives Semantic Web: No more incompatible or silo databases Interconnect data Re-use it over and over “online” databases UMMS Profiles

14 Opportunities for Collaboration & Synergy Matches Tactical Initiatives: Meet needs across business owners Easily provide access to data Partner with other IT organizations

15 Thank You

16 Appendix Organizational Structure Key Performance Indicators Benchmarked Data and Performance

17 Organizational Structure (Org Charts/FTEs)

18 Key Performance Indicators Reduce number of support requests Instituting customer surveys: –application satisfaction –service satisfaction Developer satisfaction surveys Employee Engagement survey

19 Benchmarked Data and Performance Different Medical Schools structure make FTE and budget difficult to compare Compare what services being provided –Are we missing something? –What are trends GIR partnering with EduCause

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