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Worker Coop Friendly HR Practices Michelle Manary President Manary-Harcus Consulting

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1 Worker Coop Friendly HR Practices Michelle Manary President Manary-Harcus Consulting

2 A simple philosophy We will: Understand and deliver what our members want, need and value. Align and focus our resources to create and maintain member value.


4 A healthy functioning organization Strategy Leadership Infrastructure Relationships Resources People

5 Strategy Strategic plan for the organization Set vision, mission, values Develop long range goals Create short term objectives and operational plans Create budgets Assign resources to projects Measure and manage against our goals

6 S.M.A.R.T.E.R Goals and objectives should be Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Timely Evaluated Re-done

7 Leadership Do we have the right leaders to develop, sustain and grow with our vision and strategy? Are they well trained in working with others to enhance cooperation, collaboration, engagement and ownership? Do we have individual leaders or leadership teams?

8 Infrastructure Organizational structure Who’s the boss (is there one?) Leadership teams Functional teams Co-operative teams Advisory Boards External resources

9 Relationships Is our organization designed to do what we need it to do? Are systems in place that enable or block effective communication among workers? Is there silos of operations that don’t communicate well with the whole?

10 Resources How can we manage effectively in an environment of scarce resources (human, financial, technology?) How do we work with community groups, strategic partners and alliances to expand our relationships and maximize our resources?

11 People Attraction Recruitment Orientation Training and Development Retention Career planning and succession Exit

12 Attraction A defined culture in the organization Recruit for talent and fit A clear definition of the difference between an owner and a shareholder Employee referral strategies Word of mouth Community development

13 Recruitment Behavioural based interview questions Help determine fit by focusing on past behaviours to determine future performance A total compensation philosophy Shares and ownership Base pay Benefits Training and development Profit sharing Non-monetary policies (vacation, flexible work options)

14 Recruitment Involve key staff members in the decision May want to hold more than one interview Scenario testing Reference checking Job offer Period of probation

15 Orientation Introduction to your co-op A description of the ownership philosophy An understanding of the history, cooperative values, expectations, organization, operations, training programs, leadership and team functions.

16 Orientation Introduction to the team members Introduction to the work area Plans for the first day, first week, first month, first six months, first year Use concept of see, learn, do

17 Training and Development Clear identification of roles and responsibilities. Shared? Expectations of all co-op members Expectations of each position A competency based model that focuses on both skills and behaviours A method of evaluation that allows for multiple sources of feedback

18 Communication Need designed systems for communication and feedback – it doesn’t just happen organically Management team meetings Functional team meetings

19 Communication Co-op meetings Membership meetings Internal and external communication tools

20 Retention Employee engagement The opportunity to learn and make a difference Mentorship strategies Inside and outside the organization With other co-ops Funding for development opportunities Conferences Learning programs Cross training and job rotation

21 Retention Progressive people policies Really define what is the rule (policy) and what is the practice that is flexible (guidelines) Career development opportunities Ownership

22 Career planning and succession Opportunities for growth and learning Job rotation Succession for key positions Replacement plan (for emergencies) Succession plan (for future needs)

23 Exit Define what happens when members leave Resignation Dismissal Exit interviews

24 An example Neechi Foods

25 An example And now, from you. Small groups, then report back.

26 Questions?

27 Thank you Michelle Manary President Manary-Harcus Consulting

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