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Office of Faculty Affairs & Faculty Development Deb Komorowski Director, Faculty Affairs November 1, 2011.

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1 Office of Faculty Affairs & Faculty Development Deb Komorowski Director, Faculty Affairs November 1, 2011

2 Purpose To continuously improve the numerous processes involved in a faculty member’s career at the University of Michigan and provide advice to Faculty, Department Chairs and Administrators, and Department Academic HR representatives

3 Products and Services Faculty On-Boarding Faculty Personnel Actions: Appointments, Promotions, Track Transfers, LOAs, Regent’s Communications, Faculty Merit Program, Equity Reviews Dual Recruitment Faculty 3rd Year Reviews and Career Advice Faculty Development National Surveys Compliance related to Immigration and Effort Reporting Faculty Awards Faculty Concerns, Grievances, and Mediation E-Verify

4 Customers & Offices We Interact With Medical School Faculty Department Chairs & Administrators Dean’s Office Medical School Executive Committee Department Academic HR Representatives Department Effort Specialists MSA Units Central HRRIS, Affirmative Action Office, E-verify Office of Clinical Affairs/Medical Staff Services Provider Enrollment Office Academic Human Resources Office of the Vice President for Research EVPMA Office UMHS Compliance Office UMHS & Central Staff Human Resources ITS MSIS International Center VA (Chief of Staff, Office of Medical Staff Services) College of Engineering LS&A Business School Office of Cost Reimbursement ADVANCE Office Office of the General Counsel Office of the Provost National Offices - AAMC, MGMA, AMGA

5 Staffing Trends Office of Faculty & Faculty Development Staff FTEs FY 2008-2013 FY 2008FY 2009FY 2010FY 2011FY 2012FY 2013* Administrative Specialist-Intermediate1. Administrative Specialist-Intermediate0.750.750.750.751.001.00 Administrative Specialist-Intermediate0.750.751. Administrative Specialist-Senior1. Administrative Specialist-Senior1.000.800.80 Office Manager1. Director, Faculty Affairs1. Administrative Specialist-Intermediate1.001.001.00 Project Coordinator1. Director, Faculty Development1.001.001.00 Administrative Specialist-Associate1.001.001.00 Director, Dual Recruitment0.600.600.600.600.600.60 Administrative Director Healthcare0.50 Total FTE8.108.408.1510.3510.6010.60 Variance0.30(0.25)2.20 0.25 0.00 *There is a plan to hire 2 additional Immigration Specialists with the centralization of Immigration (will be funded via recharge rate).

6 Current Tactical Initiatives Faculty Development -Faculty Portal for Assistance with Finding a Mentor and Faculty Interest -Leadership Seminars -Educational Workshops -Video Presentations M-ACE (Appointment/Credentialing/Enrollment) E-Packet M-Recruit M-CV Centralization of Immigration Services Centralized Faculty Awards Process Faculty On-Boarding in Coordination with Departments Coordination of MGMA Faculty Survey Submission Internal Effort Review/Audit Across Departments E-Verify for UMHS Medical School Collaboration with ADVANCE

7 Opportunities for Collaboration and Synergy All of our initiatives involve collaboration and partnership with faculty and staff outside of the unit. Department representation is essential to the success of our projects. Streamline process flows, reducing process time and eliminate redundant work Improve first time quality Create Metrics to show constant and continuous improvement Ensure Compliance and Legal Risk – (From Offer Letter to Immigration Issues) Reducing the need for phone follow-up with system generated auto emails Utilizing M-CV for Department Annual Reports and creating and pre-populating an Annual Faculty Evaluation Form Faculty Development -Creating Better Faculty Teachers -All courses are taught by our faculty -Membership on the Faculty Steering Committee includes faculty of all ranks and tracks Marketing of M-ACE to other Academic Medical Schools


9 Appendix


11 Key Performance Indicators 1.First Time Quality (Stats on how many Appointment/Promotion packages sent back to Departments for correction) 2.Process Improvement (Feedback from customers) 3.Faculty Satisfaction (Satisfaction Survey) 4.Customer Satisfaction (Verbal feedback via meetings with Chairs) 5.Success of Third Year Reviews are reviewed at time of promotion

12 Benchmarked Data and Performance M-ACE System – Presented system at AAMC meetings, no other School has a more sophisticated system than UM. Several schools are interested in purchasing our system (UC San Diego, University of New Mexico, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina) for their use We are continuously seeking ways to improve our Faculty Development Program by seeking advice from other academic institutions.

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