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Facilities Management and Planning Horace Bomar, Director November 1, 2011.

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1 Facilities Management and Planning Horace Bomar, Director November 1, 2011

2 Purpose Stewardship of Medical School physical environment in support of the School's missions. "Stewardship" => Manage, Maintain, Plan -- for future generations 2.69M gsf of space on main Medical Campus (16 Med Sch buildings and 35 other buildings occupied by Med Sch staff)

3 Customer Needs and Expectations to have a reliable & consistent physical environment (temp., clean, safe, accessible, utilities, ADA, aesthetics, etc.) to have appropriate space (type & amount) at reasonable cost (value) to have a "facilitator" and "advocate" w/ campus service providers (OSEH, DPS, AEC, Plnt Ops., etc.) to have timely & reliable materiel distribution (mail, packages, equipment, etc.) to have facilities-related information that is accurate, timely, and consistent (procedures, policies, way finding, space information, critical incidents, etc.)

4 Products and Services

5 Customers Internal: faculty, staff, students, patients, MS departments / units, on site (resident) service providers(e.g. UM Regional Plant Operations Offices, UM OSEH/Hazmat/Rad Control, UM Purchasing, etc.) External: visitors, vendors, contractors, campus service providers, patients, event planners, etc.

6 Primary Working Relationships and Partnerships UM Business and Finance units: –Architecture, Engineering & Construction –Plant Operations –Construction Services –Facilities Maintenance –Custodial Services and Grounds –Waste Management / Recycling –Utilities & Plant Engineering / Energy Mgmt –Public Safety –Occupational Safety & Environmental Health –Parking & Transportation Services

7 Primary Working Relationships and Partnerships (cont.) UM Business and Finance Units (cont.) –Office of Space Analysis –Real Estate Office –Property Control & Disposition –Risk Management UMHHC Planning and Operations NCRC Operations

8 Staffing Trends Department staffing has remained stable for the last several years at 7 unionized staff (dock/mail staff) and16 regular staff. Over last 5 years dock/mail staff was reduced when direct to end-user deliveries by vendors was implemented. Relatively small department staff group works as a team and is cross trained so that we can provide back up for each other even during off hour emergencies.

9 Current Tactical Initiatives Strategic future development of our unit is based on being flexible, efficient, well trained and being able to quickly respond to changing Medical School and institutional needs. Ongoing process improvement efforts to increase efficiency and provide the best possible customer services.

10 Opportunities for Collaboration & Synergy Process and Efficiency Improvement effort examples: –Card Key Access request process –Building Maintenance request process –Small renovation project process standardization –After hour emergency on-call process –Building occupant notification process –Capital project budgeting and funding process –Close collaboration with Central Campus Health Sciences Regional Office development –Close collaboration with Central Campus Planet Blue energy conservation and sustainability efforts

11 Key Performance Indicators Our department routinely reviews building utility consumption data, project cost data, and project schedule data to identify areas of concern or in need of improvement. Working closely with our Plant Operations partners routine, preventive and deferred maintenance data is regularly reviewed. Space occupancy and utilization data is regularly reviewed and reported

12 Thank You

13 Appendix Organization Structure for Facilities Management and Planning Key Performance Indicators, benchmarks, etc.

14 Organizational Structure (Facilities Management and Planning ~23 FTE)

15 Benchmarked Data and Performance There are no known benchmark or performance data for Medical School units like ours. We are, however, actively involved with our AAMC Group on Institutional Planning colleagues and discuss areas of common concern and new initiatives at annual meetings in online discussion groups.

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