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Putting Social Media to Work for You By Jay Jenkins With thanks to Connie Hancock and Jenny Nixon UNL Extension Educators.

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1 Putting Social Media to Work for You By Jay Jenkins With thanks to Connie Hancock and Jenny Nixon UNL Extension Educators

2 Social Media Revolution


4 Web 1.0 = Information

5 Web 2.0 = Information + Action + Communication

6 Features of Web 2.0 Real-time web updates Community support and loyalty Increased workforce and worker connectivity Dynamic web features increase market Enhanced retail opportunities

7 Things to Accept Your Website is one of the MOST important marketing tools. Your audience is active online. Technology can make your life easier!

8 A Facebook account A Flickr account A Twitter account A LinkedIn account Created a Blog Uploaded a Youtube video Created Podcast How many of you have…….

9 Facebook Craig Churchill - Facebook

10 Nebraska Tourism - Facebook

11 Facebook Search

12 Facebook Tips for Facebook Business Pages Practice with a personal account first Create a business page from your personal user account Maintain administrative rights to your business page Upload photos/video Market Research Through polling application Direct Target Marketing

13 Twitter Microblogging o 140 characters Anatomy of a Tweet o # = hashtag - used before a word  #birding o @ = direct message - used before a name  @cccowman o Shorten URL  

14 Nebraska Tourism - Twitter

15 Twitter Hashtag #birding

16 Twitter - texbirds

17 Blogs Almost essential for small or niche business Provides constant updates to customers Drives traffic to your site Creates “enthusiasts” Easy to manage and setup

18 Blogs Easy to Create o o o

19 Import Blogs = Increase Effectiveness

20 YouTube  Create a Profile  Upload Videos Embed in website

21 youtube Extreme Bird Watching - Youtube Get Started with Bird Watching

22 Podcasting Subscription based - RSS o Audio casts o Video casts

23 Video Episode Create video o Upload to o Upload to podcast o Link file to website

24 Flickr Upload Photos o Utilize tags and descriptions o Join Groups Embed photography into website Nebraska/Loess Hills Birds o

25 Flickr - groups



28 Link Flickr and Facebook Flickr o Notify Facebook with a post to your newsfeed when new photos uploaded Facebook o Share Flickr photos with Facebook friends

29 Ning

30 RSS Real Simple Syndication  o Blogs o Podcasts o News Stories o Subscription based

31 RSS Readers o Google Reader -  Google Reader Help - o Bloglines - o Newsgator -

32 RSS


34 RSS subscribe

35 RSS Feed Reader

36 There is more to the “Social” story to the "Social" story Many more social sites o Other social media to consider: o Friendfeed o MySpace o Digg o Delicious o Toodledo o LinkedIn

37 Before you get started What do I need? What am I using the site for? Who’s attention am I trying to get?

38 More Questions Which sites? Who? Manage Access Personality How personal? Privacy settings?

39 Things to Do 1.Comment on other’s posts 2.Ask questions in your posts 3.Post links and threads 4.Post relevant events

40 Four Steps for Social Marketing Success

41 Promoting on Social Networks DO 1.Make it compelling/benefit-based 2.Talk about new or unusual features 3.Include discounts or savings DON’T 1.Don’t continually sell 2.Don’t fall short of the expectation that you’ve set

42 Marketing Strategy Need a Social Networking/Media Strategy o Research customer o Determine time commitment Building relationships and reputations Adding value to conversations relevant to your business. Analyze o What marketing worked well? o What marketing didn't work well or not at all? o Are there any standout reasons?

43 One Piece – Many Deliverables Write content for blog Blog has RSS feed which goes to feed reader Announce the blog update on twitter which automatically goes to Facebook Create a video Post a link on website Upload to youtube Upload same episode to your ITunes podcast Talk about different things - not just about yourself! Make it 'interesting'!

44 Good Solid Content Make content relevant Get straight to the point o First sentences in a paragraph o Use bulleted lists Use facts and figures o Reduced by 20% instead prices reduced Clear call to action Use terms and phrases Write 50% less than for print Write for “scan-ability”

45 Content is the number one reason people come to our Web sites

46 Extension is a Division of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln cooperating with the Counties and the United States Department of Agriculture. University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension educational programs abide with the nondiscrimination policies of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and the United States Department of Agriculture.

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