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Online Social Media. This presentation introduces: Push Vs Pull marketing Using online networks to market your business Communicate your message efficiently.

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1 Online Social Media

2 This presentation introduces: Push Vs Pull marketing Using online networks to market your business Communicate your message efficiently Providing information very quickly Allow participation Be part of the conversation Reach target markets that are no longer susceptible to traditional communication methods Creating communities of loyal customers Importance of user generated content


4 “Social media is people having conversations online.”

5 These online conversations are only possible due to recently available web tools Blogs Micro Blogs Online Chat RSS Widgets Social Networks Social Bookmarks Message Boards Podcasts Video Sharing Sites Photo Sharing Sites Virtual Worlds Wikis

6 How many social media websites are there?


8 We expect to use the internet differently now. Online social media is a big part of these changes Information is being searched for in different ways Users expect to comment and add to content Users expect to read comments, reviews and ratings for products and services Users expect to subscribe to information that interests them and nothing more

9 Almost 13m Articles Studies show it is as accurate if not more than Britannica Wiki = Quick in Hawaiian

10 100m Videos 2 nd largest search engine

11 200,000,000 blogs

12 1.5 million residents

13 73% of active online users have read a blog

14 40% subscribe to an RSS feed

15 60% have joined a social network

16 55% have uploaded photos

17 83% have watched Video Clips

18 Twitter is a service for people to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages. These messages are posted to your profile or your blog, sent to your followers and are searchable on Twitter search 14m users in the U.S alone 1 out of 300 website click throughs come from twitter

19 80% of twitter usage is on mobile devices. People update anywhere, anytime. What does this mean for bad customer experiences?

20 25% of search results for the worlds top 20 largest brands are links from user generated content

21 Who influences whom? Will the brand site continue to be the first visit after they search Google or Bing?

22 The attraction of social media People trust “a person like me” more than authority figures or marketing messages from business and media Seeking ongoing dialogue, not a one way advertisement Trust, Transparency, openness, honesty

23 We are seeing a communication shift

24 The shift is from one way communication

25 Dialogue between consumer and brand

26 Dialogue between consumer and consumer

27 Compare this too… The traditional broadcast marketing and advertising approach, which is designed to interrupt your day

28 The average person is exposed to 3000 advertising messages per day

29 Traditional outbound / push / interruption marketing and advertising Email Blasts Telesales Printed ads Direct mail TV Radio



32 More and more customers are blocking traditional marketing, psychologically and with the help of technology

33 Spam filters Caller I.D Fast forward though adverts

34 INTERUPTION Still effective but becoming more and more difficult and expensive. Telemarketing Direct mail Email blasts Printed ads TV/radio ads PERMISSION / PULL Let people find you when researching the market. Pull people in. SEO / SEM Blogging Social Media RSS Free trials / tools Viral Videos


36 70% Vs 14%


38 And there are big benefits to this dialogue 36% of people think more positively about a company that has a blog 70% trusts bloggers’ opinions on products and services

39 Blogs The product is right The price is right But who am I buying from?

40 Our new communication of dialogue is and means… Instantaneous = I want it now Conversation = let’s chat Listen = someone heard me Participatory = have fun / join in Transparent = You’re not hiding anything Community = I am part of something Authentic = I believe what you say Interesting = You have good information Issue solving = You have the answers Consumer-driven = you have written this for me Monitor = find the talkers Respond = follow up

41 “I am 30 and I don’t understand this Social Media Stuff”

42 See it as Business Networking Meet people and start conversations Answer questions – help others Ask questions – trusts others’ advice

43 Become a real member of the community Add value to the community –Ask and answer questions More effective than live networking? –No boundaries –Other people can listen in (max 5 people in a live networking event) –Lots of people can find the conversation via search engines –Conversation is recorded

44 Twitter YouTube facebook Linkedin Myspace BlogSell houses Cup of tea Biscuit Newsletter

45 The customers perspective We can now get more and more information without talking to a retailer or relying on advertising: Ask a search engine Recommendations from linkedin or facebook Bookmarking using delicious Yahoo answers YouTube Find articles using Digg

46 In the market for a product or service, but not ready to buy at this stage Research and information gathering stage; includes walking into retailers and sales showrooms Commit to buying product after evaluating market and product / service providers The stage before committing to buy

47 Understanding your customer Choosing the right Social Network


49 What is facebook? It’s a place where you can put up your personal details and interact with other users of the site. By getting a facebook account you can establish an online presence Talk to your friends Share photos with your friends Play games with your friends Sell your old stuff Meet new people And whole array of other things

50 What’s unique about facebook is that it keeps you updated on what your friends are doing. You will be notified when they make a change to their profile. Almost all interactions with the site are sent to friends so that they can keep informed about what you’re up to.


52 Profiles Creating a profile is required if you want to do anything on facebook Make sure you fully fill out your profile; a full profile looks a lot more interesting then an empty one. Add your website URL in several locations and be sure to talk about your business and plug your website URL

53 Pages facebook pages are used by many businesses. Many of the same features available as groups, but with some extra key features. indexed by Google and available to view even if you are not a member, so promoting the page is easier. Like you do with your profile, fill out your facebook page with all relevant information about your business, website URLS, etc.








61 facebook adverts facebook ads are a great way to really increase your exposure using highly targeted advertising. Target users by age, gender, location, interests, etc. Advertise an external website or a facebook page. Build up your facebook fan page; you can do so by driving the traffic from your advertisements directly to your page.

62 facebook campaign Create your own campaign Pub example Chip shop example


64 What is LinkedIn? A professional social networking site Connect with acquaintances and business colleagues View connections to 3 degrees 30 million registered users

65 The marketing benefits to LinkedIn: Increase visibility & branding Direct sales Generate traffic & support SEO

66 LinkedIn Tools: Answers Services Search Groups Jobs

67 Strategies: Increase the awareness of your brand Display your expertise in “Answers” Announce your new website or service Drive readers to your blog posts Get your service recommended

68 Strategies: Direct Sales Research potential clients and partners Respond to service requests in “Answers” Get your service recommended

69 Strategies: Generate traffic and support SEO Link to your site in employee profiles Answers

70 The future In a two year period 2006-2008 internet users have dramatically increased their familiarity and usage with social media

71 Subscribers to RSS feeds From 10% to 40% Users creating an online network profile From 25% to 60% Watched video clips online From 30% to 83%

72 Tomorrows consumers are today’s digital natives Much like the older generation have trouble with this new technology, they would have trouble living without it.

73 The digital native By the time today’s 10 year olds are 15, they will already have some ingrained preferences to certain brands because of that companies online marketing

74 Research Social Media Outlets Research Headlines Research Content Research Top or Active Users Make sure your website is up to scratch Set up a blog Take the Social Media Plunge

75 Thank you

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